Rihanna’s favorite perfume brand is making a splash at Sephora!

Who wouldn’t dream of having charisma, beauty and talent like Rihanna? Although it is impossible to get it all with the snap of your fingers, it is possible to go to Sephora and get your favorite perfume brand!

The luxury brand Escada is known internationally for offering women’s perfumes. All of the brand’s fragrances offer casual glamour, sensual femininity and modern elegance. Because this is also an image reflected by international star Rihanna, we quickly understand why these perfumes are her favourite. Discover Rihanna’s favorite perfume brands, available now at Sephora. Created in 1978, the brand is now present in more than 60 countries. If at its beginning, the brand advocated the democratization of haute couture, it retains its values ​​and applies them to its perfumes. Far from the prices of other luxury brands, Escada perfumes are accessible to everyone. Eau de parfum or eau de toilette, all bottles feature an ultra-feminine design in line with the brand’s values.

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Wear Rihanna’s favorite perfume

Browsing through the scents offered, you’ll find notes of fruit, floral and gourmet scents. Between sophistication and femininity, you risk being won over by both the bottles and the olfactory signature. Are you a member of the Sephora loyalty program? So, good news! You can avail a special offer on the web with 25% discount on select products till 02/26/2024. Whether it’s perfume, makeup, facial care or hair care, don’t hesitate to browse this selection to make big savings. If you’re not a member yet, you can sign up for free now! At Sephora, delivery is free on purchases over €60. You can also choose to have free collection in store within 2 hours. Don’t wait any longer and discover Rihanna’s favorite perfume brands available at Sephora.

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