RMC Bonus: A surprise Kanye West concert in Paris!

Morning show 100% news and listeners. Every morning, Apolline de Malherbe read the day’s news in good mood, with a newsreel every half hour, Charles Magnin for relays to the listeners, Emmanuel Lechipre for the economy, and Nicolas Poincaré for his daily explanations. Comedian Arnaud Demanche completes the group with two presentations at 7:20 am and 8:20 am.

Morning show 100% news and listeners. On the menu from 8 am to 9 am: 8 am news, “Partisan” guests, “C’est tous les jours demanche”, 8:30 am news reminder and Apolline de Malherbe’s face-to-face.

For his second season, Arnaud Demanche arrives every morning at 8:20 to take a look at the day’s news. Five minutes of laughter, to wake up with a smile!

With: Jean-Pierre Sakoun, Chairman of the Committee for the Admission of Misak Manouchian into the Pantheon. – Every morning at 8:10am, live on 3216, with a guest’s logical take on a current affairs topic, praise and reactions from RMC listeners.

Every morning, 8 minutes of information compiled by the RMC editorial team and presented by Quentin Vinet, to attack the day while remaining fully informed.

Morning show 100% news and listeners. On the menu from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.: Newspapers, RMC Cengage avec vous, Le Temoin du Jour, Les Indiscrets de l’Editorial, Lechipre d’Affaires and Arnaud Demanche who hacks Face a Face, Journal, L’Two Invite the magazines, Le Bons de Charles, and Nicolas Poincaré to explain us.

Every morning at 7:50am, Sebastian Krebs takes the time to explain a complex current affairs event in simple terms. He uses all his experience as a journalist to make the most complex topics accessible to everyone. An important meeting to find answers to the questions raised by the day’s news.

Every morning at 7:50, culture, TV or cinema news with Charles Magnion.

Avenue: Agnes Pannier-Runacher, Minister Delegate for Agriculture and Food Sovereignty. – Every morning at 7:40, the guest who makes the news. An essential actor, a knowledgeable expert… An uncompromising 10-minute interview with Apolline de Malherbe and the applause of the RMC listeners on 3216.

Every morning, 7 minutes of information is compiled by the RMC editorial team and presented by Alice Denzen, so you can attack the day completely informed.

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