Robinson Cano expressed himself about Fernando Tatis Jr.

Dominican Professional Baseball League (LIDOM), is a very interesting development. At present, round robinAn example where every win is very valuable.

eastern stars, Tigres del Lice, Leones del Esquite and Gigantes del Cibao, in that order make up the current standings. The first in question is the protagonist of this league, with a record of five wins and one loss.

high level players like robinson canoe And Fernando Tatis Jr.are part of the ranks of a group ordered by Fernando Tatis Sr.,

Robinson Cano valued the talent of Fernando Tatis Jr.

Initially, the success of the first question was based on eastern stars And in turn, the reasons why he has led the team to victory.

“Well, I attribute it to the great chemistry we have as a team and the way we are all on the same page. The goal is to win and do our best.”The Dominican prompted.

Next, we entered the topic that addresses sharing a team Fernando Tatis Jr.What robinson canoe Answered: “Well, what can I tell you, if I remember correctly I played with Tatis in 2020, which was the pandemic. We played that year, we played extra games with the chosen one… You can’t talk much about Tatis, everyone already knows what a great talent, skill and player he is. She has a talent that we would all love to have. He’s an extraordinary player, you know what I mean. A guy who stayed for a short while and now plays right field as if it’s the field of a lifetime. He has a bracelet, he runs, he bats, everything.”End spout Amidst the laughter of pride.

Receive praise from a personality in the world of baseball robinson canoeIt means that the efforts wasted on the ground are bearing fruit.

Fernando Tatis a highly accomplished player in major League Baseball, His year as a right fielder San Diego Padres It was a complete success. To the point of winning a Gold Glove and, similarly, a Platinum Glove.

2024 is promising for all the stars who have been working hard since the offseason to reach their peak. in the matter of tatis jrHe does it with his father and his team dominican league,

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