Saint Oscar Arnulfo Romero and football in El Salvador

This March 24, 2024, marks 44 years since the martyrdom of Saint Oscar Arnulfo Romero, and in his memory, we remember a little about his personality in football.

This 24th March marks the completion of 44 years of his martyrdom. saint oscar arnulfo romero And today in CANCHA we remember a little about his personality and Football,

There is no information that reliably confirms this, but a historical photograph shows Saint Oscar Romero on a football team.

This is despite the fact that it is known that he did not like this popular game very much.

San Oscar Romero Soccer El Salvador 44th Anniversary 02
Photo: x

The photograph, which is believed to be no more than a year old, shows a very young St. Oscar Romero, in his forties or early thirties.

It is also not known which team he was making for the postcard.

Romero was born in Ciudad Barrios, a district in the San Miguel Department, where the professional second division club Deportivo Cacahuatic is very popular.

Various media at the time also reported the photograph that the saint had taken while he was still alive in San Miguel. This is shown below:

San Oscar Romero Soccer El Salvador 44th Anniversary 01
Photo: taken by San Oscar Romero and preserved by the Museum of Word and Image (MUPI)

Finally, we also remember that San Oscar Romero is located on one of the walls that surround the field of the Héroes y Martires stadium of the University of El Salvador.

Saint Oscar Romero, a personality who cuts across all sections of society and who also has a history in Salvadoran football.

It is appreciated by both those who share a creed and those who do not.

San Oscar Arnulfo Romero Soccer El Salvador Heroes and Martyrs Stadium Soccer Santa's Eleven Sports
Photo: EDH/Verinia Escalante

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