Saudi Arabia executes seven people in one day for “treason” and “terrorism”

Last year, 172 people were executed in the Arab kingdom (Reuters/Ahmed Yosri)

The Saudi Interior Ministry announced that seven people accused of “betrayal of their homeland” and adopting “terrorist ideology” were hanged this Tuesday in Riyadh province.

“There has been implemented death warrant against criminals who have committed criminal acts Betray your motherland, jeopardize its stability and jeopardize its security“Through the adoption of a terrorist ideology that tolerates bloodshed, the creation and financing of terrorist organizations and entities,” the statement said.

Other allegations were also added such as “Espionage and dealings (with terrorist organisations) with the aim of disturbing the security of society and its national unity”This is noted in the note.

The ministry identified the seven killed civilians by name and surname and the date of their arrest.

The note said the sentence was confirmed by the Saudi Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.

He also said in the statement that the Interior Ministry “reaffirms its interest in stabilizing security and justice, and confronting anyone who tries to harm the security of the homeland and threaten its unity.” These executions have been announced for, and that “anyone who attempts to commit these crimes will be destined to be punished by law.”

On 15 February, Saudi authorities announced the execution of two civilians convicted of the crimes of “terrorism” and “killing a security officer” in the city of Mecca.

According to an official statement from the Saudi Interior Ministry, the death penalty was imposed. Abdelaziz bin Saleh Al Taweem and Sami Yazni have been convicted of “committing a crime that threatens national security, in addition to their participation in creating a terrorist cell for the purpose of assassinating security personnel”.,

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman attending a summit in Riyadh. Riyadh (Bandar Algloud/Reuters)

The ministry detailed that the charges laid included “recruitment of members, financing and provision of hideouts to carry out the cell’s criminal plans”, which resulted in “the death of a security officer”.

Last year 172 people were executed in the Arab kingdomAccording to ALQST, an NGO based in the United Kingdom, four of these executions took place on New Year’s Eve, which it considered “a complete mockery of (Riyadh’s) promises to limit the use of the death penalty.”

While Saudi authorities executed a total of 196 death row inmates in 2022, 81 of them were executed in a single day, the highest number of death penalty applications in the country in the last 30 years.

Yesterday, ALQST reported that at least 21 people have been executed in Saudi Arabia so far this year, “contrary to previous promises by the authorities to reduce the use of the death penalty.”

(with information from EFE)

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