Selena Gomez reveals she was crazy about Kurt Cobain

Selena Gomez reveals she was crazy about Kurt Cobain

We wonder what Selena Gomez would look like with Kurt Cobain style!

She was absolutely a fan of the guitarist when she was younger.

Being a fan of someone is a very recent phenomenon, 200 years ago, no one was a fan of anyone and we didn’t know what that meant. is during The word acquired its full meaning in the last century, with the multiplication of stars, but also with the multiplication of media. TV channels, radio channels, newspapers and now social networks: Stars are becoming more and more exposed to the public, and thus the “fan” phenomenon is born., But contrary to what one might think, Stars are also fansAnd it’s not Selena Gomez who would say the opposite!

who is both a singer and actress, is affiliated with the Disney house, was invited jimmy kimmel show Last week. A game took place during the show, during which the presenter asked Selena Gomez: “Who was your Selena? Was there someone you were an obsessive fan of?”, The singer replied smiling. : “Kurt Cobain”Guitarist, vocalist and iconic leader of the group Nirvana.

A surprising reaction, as this great artist unfortunately committed suicide just two years after the singer was born. But that didn’t stop Selena Gomez from being obsessed with Kurt Cobain: “I was really obsessed, I dyed my hair like her, I even cut it like her. Maybe I was overdoing it… I watched her interviews, I watched her concerts, I watched her documentaries. Less At least 12 times.”, A real diehard fan, Selena!


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