Sentences handed down against Cuban doctors brought to trial in Granma

CubitaNOW Editorial ~Thursday 18 January 2024

Sentences have already been announced against Cuban doctors prosecuted in Granma province.

Katia Ramirez, the aunt of one of the doctors sued, has expressed disagreement with the verdict, which she feels is unfair.

Of the group, only the doctor of radiology was acquitted, with the rest facing between one and three years of house arrest.

According to Cuban, it would be a pleasure to challenge the sentence, although she said she would appeal and continue to fight at the necessary levels.

“And of course we feared that such a delay would lead to injustice and that is what happened. Today they took the sentence to the lawyers’ house, they informed the doctors but they do not have the documents in their hands. But of course they cannot challenge this process because that would mean losing and they would not accept that. The radiologist was acquitted, my nephew got 1 year of house arrest, Yoandra 1 year and 6 months, Raphael and Henry 2 years and Ristian 3. All were placed under house arrest and restrained on the orders of the DPS. Now: Ingres Porto Mateo, Dumar Rosales and Osaris Perdomo I hope that they, like the rest of those responsible, will never sleep again and that we will continue to fight and make the appeal to the authorities that is necessary.”


A brief note indicated that the Cubans were brought to trial for “alleged criminal responsibility related to the medical care of a 23-year-old patient who was injured multiple times in a traffic accident that occurred in 2021.”To the Provincial Health Directorate of Granma.

The doctors of the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Hospital brought to trial were: Rafael José Sánchez Vázquez, Yoandra Quesada Labrada, Ristian Solano, Elizabeth Silvera, William Pérez Ramírez and Henry Rosales Pompa.

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