Seven tricks to get the most from your Android phone

A long time ago we only had desktop computers. The former had many limitations. For example, many people did not even have a hard drive; The information was saved on diskettes. The screens were black and white and cathode ray tubes; In other words, they took up more space than microwave ovens. There were neither windows nor mouse. Audio, no. Video acceleration, no. InternetNo.

That motherland brought us here. It took five years between the time I had my first personal computer and the first time I connected to the Internet at home. Of course, we learned many tricks to compensate for such limitations, which we retain even after more than thirty years. As a kind of ancient atheism…

One of these habits is to avoid rats. We do everything we can with a keyboard. It is not so obsolete anymore, as the keyboard is 5 to 6 times faster than the mouse (and about 4 million times faster than the touchpad). The big thing is that we stubbornly find shortcuts even on smartphones. These are some of the ways you can take advantage of your cell phone Android,

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