Xavi: “It is legal for Marquez to prepare to lead Barcelona”

In response to Rafa Marquez’s statements and his desire to become Barcelona coach, Xavi said that it is natural and legal for him to prepare to achieve this.

Barcelona — Javi The countdown has started. The season will end in four months and he will leave the post of coach in the hands of someone else. coach of barcelonafor which the Mexican recently applied Rafa MarquezWhich the Barça coach still considers legal and natural.

In a press conference, Javi he assured with surprise as he began to say goodbye barcelona “At the beginning of the season”, despite the fact that its renewal had an official nature. coach This happened in September.

“I feel that we are not valued and that no matter what we do, we will not be valued,” the Catalan coach lamented loudly, declaring that he was “free and in very good spirits” despite his image. Are. not the best.

“We know what the situation is at the club, when we arrived we knew it was one of the most difficult moments in history, and we have endured all the pressure… but gradually you are seeing that All that happens is that there is wear and tear and you see that what you have done is not valued,” he repeated, remembering that this is a vice that is repeated at Barça.

“I’ve talked to Pep (Guardiola) or Valverde about this. And I’ve seen firsthand what happened to Luis Enrique. It’s a cruel situation because you can’t enjoy the thing you love most. They make you feel like you’re worthless and you “They make you suffer every moment,” he vowed… however, without wishing to personalize or refer to any particular person.

What would you call your replacement? He was asked. His response was clear: “Whoever comes, let him enjoy… although he will not be able to. Let him be as he is and let yourself not be influenced by anything, but here everything is very difficult and so Is.” Something’s going to happen to him.”

name came up Rafa Marquez And his method of running for office, was something that was received with outrage. barcelona, “Rafa is a friend… Maybe what he said was taken out of context or maybe it was expressed badly,” Xavi hid, concluding with nice words: “He what is said is finally legal and natural is that preparing To be able to train one day barcelona,

“The fans encourage me and have done so these days; the reaction from the locker room has been phenomenal and the belief and support from the club has been complete,” he said without telling the media and recalling that “nothing ever Bought from me.”

“It bothers me when I say we are under construction, there is also criticism when I remember that this is not the Barça of 2010… I think that nothing is bought here because neither Winning the league with 14 points is not an advantage nor giving way to young people… It’s always the same thing, ” he condemned, calling for his adaptability to all situations.

He said, “I have always prioritized the club above everything else. I have made no excuses and I have adapted to the circumstances of each moment and tried to do the best possible.”

“I think to be objective and honest, we’ve done a good job. It’s true that this year we haven’t lost as much as expected, but we still have time to have a very good season.”

In that sense, and including the speech of sadness and condemnation, it is a very good season. “We can fight in the league and we are very excited about the Champions League.”

“I have the most enthusiasm and energy because I’m extremely motivated,” he reiterated. He also highlighted his commitment to the youth in the mine. “This is another positive thing that we are going to leave behind. We have given opportunities to many of the youngsters at the club, who are the future and even the present and that should remain… however that is not going to happen Is it or should be given importance.”

He’ll be gone in June… forever? “No. I don’t know, but I don’t rule out a return in the future. I have always been a club man and will be there whenever Barcelona needs me.”

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