She had her baby in a McDonald’s parking lot in Wisconsin and it went viral because of the nickname she gave him.

Emergency services arrived at the McDonald’s parking lot in time to treat the mother and child. Facebook @Annalcia Beck (Rivera)

A family in the United States welcomed a new member in the parking lot of a McDonald’s fast food restaurant. The baby’s own mother shared some photos and the story of what happened on the night of January 12 on Facebook, leaving users surprised when they learned about the strange nickname the new parents had given their baby.

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Annaliesa Beck, a woman from the city of Muskego, located in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, was determined to get to the hospital with her husband, Daniel Beck. It was 4 a.m. and the contractions were getting stronger, so they had to pull over in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant, which was closed at that time. From there, they called 911 and emergency crews arrived shortly thereafter.

Why did they stop in the restaurant parking lot?

The woman said in a social media post that they were headed to the hospital, but “her son decided he wanted to make a quick stop.” “He didn’t want to be born in a hospital! “Micah was born in our trunk in a McDonald’s parking lot during a blizzard.” The condition of the infant and his mother was reported to be stable; After coming into the world he was shifted to a medical center.

In a post on his Facebook page, Beck said the moment was terrifying, painful and painful. “Having a baby naturally without drugs/doctors and seeing him emerge completely out of the blue, because it happened so quickly and literally in the snow, was traumatic, but he is doing great now and we are just trying to protect us. We can praise and thank God for this.”

“The baby was coming so fast and my body couldn’t wait any longer,” Beck told USA TODAY. The couple stopped at a McDonald’s and she immediately went to the back of her car, where she lay down and waited for emergency services to arrive. But after three pushes her child was born; Firefighters and paramedics arrived just in time to pick him up.

“As soon as (Daniel) came into the parking lot, I thought he was just coming. I have to go to bed. ‘You have to welcome the baby (she told her husband),’ the mother told local network TMJ4. For his part, Mr Beck thanked those who attended his son’s birth: “Certainly grateful for all the paramedics and police who arrived quickly and made sure everyone was OK.”

The kid got a curious nickname

The couple named their son Micah Daniel, but called him something else, more curious and linked to the famous fast food restaurant. In the Facebook post, where you can see photos of the little boy, the mom wrote: “Appropriately, he earned the nickname ‘McFlurry’.”

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