She tried to cut off her ex-boyfriend’s genitals because he gave her a restraining order

The subject was taken to the hospital. Credit: Image from raw on Freepik

Couple fights reach a new level spainWhen a woman, disagreeing with the legal actions taken against her by her ex-boyfriend, decided to violently confront him, and tried to tear off his genitals with her hands, for which he was immediately arrested Went.

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The action took place in Gandia, a municipality and Spanish city in the province of Valencia, next to the Mediterranean Sea. Despite being a relatively quiet place, this news has upset even the last inhabitant of the farthest border on the map of the Valencian Community.

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Local press reports indicate that the woman had already been warned on other occasions for the alcohol and drug problems that had presented themselves in recent years, causing her to become aggressive and even That she had started behaving violently.

For this reason, the man tried to file some complaints against her which led to her restraining order in recent weeks, but she ignored it. The protagonist of the story appeared several times at the doorstep of her ex-boyfriend, whom she already knew well. His goal was to be forgiven.

Then that scene appeared which is already on everyone’s lips. The subject arrived at the emergency room at the end of December, because he had some injuries in his genital area, supposedly caused during a fight that turned violent, when he applied force against the man and the worst happened.

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