‘Sicario’ had a completely different ending than the original

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  • end of movie sicario Shocking and disappointing, leaving the audience in uneasy suspense and fear.
  • The character of Kate McRae is used as a pawn by the CIA and Alejandro to push the drug cartel into a controlled business.
  • Original scripted ending of sicario This was changed because it lacked depth and would have spoiled the impact of the film.

A story is only as good as its ending, and in this case sicario, this rings true as ever. After FBI Special Agent Kate McRae (emily blunt, sicario Ultimately this is a US/Mexico border crime drama that gets more intense the longer it goes on. director denis villeneuve and written by taylor sheridanThe film deals with the dark reality of drug cartels and the people deeply associated with them. sicario It is most notable for its shocking and disappointing ending, which leaves the audience in uneasy suspense and fear until the last seconds. But that moment between Kate and Alejandro (benicio del toro) almost didn’t happen.



An idealistic FBI agent is enlisted by a government task force to aid in the growing war on drugs in the border region between the US and Mexico.

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17 September 2015

denis villeneuve


The deeper you go, the darker it becomes.

How does ‘Sicario’ end?

end of Sicario––Which is the first official entry in Taylor Sheridan’s unofficial American Frontier Trilogy–something like this. After first joining the joint task force led by Matt Graver (josh brolin) With the support of former CIA prosecutor turned assassin Alejandro Gilick, Kate Macer helps them track down a man named Manuel Diaz (Bernardo Saracino, But upon Diaz’s return to Mexico, the team becomes involved in a shootout at the border that ends with Alejandro sneaking into Mexico on his secret mission. Kate follows him and finds Alejandro kidnapping a corrupt police officer. Although she tries to stop him, he shoots her and leaves her behind, only to be used by the police to lead him to drug lord Fausto Alarco (Julio Cesar Cedillo) and executed him (and his wife and sons) for murdering his family.

As it turns out, Kate was just a pawn that allowed the CIA (and Alejandro) to operate legally on American soil, with the sole purpose of getting the cartel to do all the work with a Colombian-owned business. This was done so that the US federal government could exercise better control. They are moving forward. What’s worse, the next day Alejandro comes to Kate’s apartment and forces her at gunpoint to sign a document claiming that everything they did was legal, leading to her involvement in the conspiracy. Joined. Although Kate tries to talk her way out of it, Alejandro proves to be too intimidating and forces her to either sign or die, where he will make it look like suicide.

“You should move to a smaller town,” Alejandro told her before heading out, “where the rule of law still exists.” He reminds Kate that she is not a wolf and that our world is made of them. Seeing Alejandro walking away from her balcony, Kate points her gun directly at his head. However she at the same time thinks about killing him, putting an end to this madness, and in some strange way, Alejandro almost seems to welcome death. But Kate can’t bring herself to do it, and Alejandro leaves her, whom she knows is cursed. It’s a strong ending and drives home the message straight away. sicario, that we live in a broken and chaotic world, where no one is left innocent or untainted. This is exactly the kind of ending that works for a movie sicarioAnd it’s hard to think that it could have ended any other way.

Emily Blunt believed ‘the original script for Sicario had a weak ending’

Strange, screenwriter Taylor Sheridan–who is best known for captaining the Paramount Network yellowstone Universe These Days–Originally the final confrontation between Kate and Alejandro was written slightly differently, and as a result, Emily Blunt and director Denis Villeneuve were forced to rework it on set. “This scene really affected me,” Emily Blunt admitted in an interview before the film’s premiere. “You know, it wasn’t what was in the script, and we just felt we wanted to do something different.” According to Blunt, he, Villeneuve, and their co-star Benicio del Toro were unhappy with what Sheridan had written, and spent several hours on the set brainstorming how they might be able to come up with something better and more satisfying. .

“I remember when we were talking about that scene, and what it would mean to her, and what it would cost her. And effectively, she’s signing away her life. Her entire identity, You know, being signed,” Blunt continued. , emphasizing how important it was to him to get the ending right for Kate’s sake. “It was one of those scenes that you live for in this industry because it didn’t seem derivative of anything else. It felt so tender and yet so scary, and so, you know, it was a really cool scene.” Was.” it’s hard to imagine sicarioAnd Kate McRae’s story in particular, ends somehow but how we’ve seen it unfold on screen, but it makes us wonder how this scene played out in Sheridan’s original script.

Well, in the original script, Kate (whose last name is spelled here as Macy) talks to herself on the balcony before being humiliated and disarmed by Alejandro in his apartment, where she disgustedly lifts his shirt and shoots. Looks at the wounds. chest, exposing her bare breasts in the process. Given that there was already a sexual assault scene in the film, it made sense to cut that part. To make it all weird, he also compares Kate to his daughter after this uncomfortable and violating moment, with the same dialogue as before, but with less direction or purpose as seen in the film. After he leaves, Kate runs around her house with her pistol, looking for any sign of the killer, but he is long gone.

The ending of the original ‘Sicario’ would have ruined the movie

If for the original end sicario If you feel depressed, you are not alone. The cast involved, not to mention director Denis Villeneuve, all felt as if there was no real point or depth to the ending written by Taylor Sheridan. What’s worse, it’s exploitative to exploit your lead actress (who has been used, abused, and manipulated on screen before). Additionally, Alejandro’s basic actions seem out of character. Sure, he’s a killer, that’s true, and yes, he’s willing to kill Kate to keep everything a secret, but sicario It is also clear that he respects Him, even if he has to use her in the process. By comparing Kate to his daughter, he reveals a moment that doesn’t fit so well in the original script.


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By adding the simple element of forcing Kate to sign a document validating his purpose, the scene becomes much bigger than Alejandro overpowering her and “showing her who’s boss.” No, it’s exactly what Emily Blunt mentioned above: Kate’s entire identity. When signing this form, she is effectively choosing to lie, putting her entire career as collateral. Even more, she abandons her moral compass, as Alejandro once did, and chooses the “lesser evil” to eliminate the greater. Kate has an agency here that she didn’t originally have in the scripted scene, and we see that her ultimate choice is not to kill Alejandro, thereby proving to him (and herself even more) that she is as good as him. Not made, after all.

Original dialogue at Sheridan’s ending, including the moment when Alejandro explains to Kate what sicario is, a little heavy-handed, and by cutting it down and getting to the bones, Villeneuve extracts impeccable and peerless performances from Emily Blunt and Benicio del Toro, who prove themselves again and again in this picture. sicario It’s not an upbeat movie by any means, but changing the ending to better address Kate’s mental state and moral failure, with a sort of mini-redemption at the end, makes the movie better. Holds more weight than it might otherwise. It’s no surprise that the film spawned a sequel–and a third is on the way–that continues to surprise its audiences at every turn. Hopefully, Kate McRae and Alejandro will be back for more.

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