Why did Cade Cowell obtain his registration as a foreman in Mexico?

The California-born forward obtained Mexican nationality 15 days ago, but the development of the Formados regime in Mexico allowed him to obtain said registration

cad cowell was registered with Shivaj before Liga MX As trained in mexico (FM), even though the football player was not born in Mexico, nor did he have any precedent in Mexican football. However, the fact that his mother is Mexican, as well as the development of the rule, which was implemented in 2016, allows native California, United States Does not appear as Not Trained in Mexico (NFM).

The rules that currently govern Liga MX in the players field trained in mexico And not trained in Mexico, was established for the 2016/2017 season. At that time, it was indicated that football players who were not registered in any category of Mexican football before the age of 18 would be registered as NFMs, regardless of nationality.

However, there was also an exception for football players who had dual nationality, Mexican and American, who had the opportunity to be registered as FM until their first appearance in history. Liga MX was before completing the age of 19 years, who served Shivaj their ranks may increase Alejandro Zendejas Like FM.

At the time, NFM players were given a “D” rating and FM players were given an “OC” rating, a situation that caused controversy regarding the players. Shivaj As jose juan vazquez, jair perera And carlos salcidoAll born in Mexico, but who made their first registration earlier Liga MX After 18 years of age. However, on the official site of the contest, he was placed as FM.

When this regulation came out, Shivaj was already in your ranks miguel ponce already isaac brizuelaSoccer players who were born in the United States but with Mexican parents, plus both of whom made their first registration before the age of 19.

except for Alejandro Zendejas, Shivaj They hired three more footballers with dual nationality under that rule. Although all three were born in Mexico josecarlos van rankin (Dutch) and Santiago Ormeño (Peruvian), were registered under the FM acronym, but not Mexican-American Antonio Alfaro, who became the first, and so far only, to have the NFM. Guadalajara.

Chivas issued a press release to explain the appointment. Antonio AlfaroJoe arrived from Seattle Sounders for Clausura 2019.

“Registration of non-competes in Mexico is an administrative matter established in the Competition Regulations Liga MX Valid for not being registered in Mexican football before the age of 18, but not on the basis of nationality, since it is clear that the origin and identity of the person born in Puruandiro, Michoacán is what allows him to be part of the most beloved, popular team. And Mexicans from the country,” the Guadalajara Club reported.

The rules were amended for the current 2013/2014 season. Now, it does not matter whether the footballer played before the age of 18 or not Liga MX, or age 19 for Mexican Americans. If the player has a Mexican father, it is enough to register under the FM nomenclature, as is the case cade cowellWith a Mexican mother and who also had benefits last semester oscar whaley,

“In order to promote the sporting development of Mexican football, of the minimum of 18 (eighteen) players to be fielded by a club, at least 10 (ten) must meet the condition of being born or having a father in the United Mexican States. and/or have a Mexican mother and; at the time of registration, the player has a passport and birth certificate issued by the Mexican authorities. In the event of additional conditions set out above, such as cases of naturalization of the player or parents, the player’s registration These will be analyzed by LIGA MX to determine the status,” reads Article 26 of the rules currently in force.

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