Skiing and snowboarding can improve physical and mental health

A snowboarder takes off during a race at Mount Rose Ski Tahoe.  (Maria Coulson/Esp...
An older skier approaches the next gate while descending the Mount Rose Ski Ta...
A skier takes a turn on the lakeside slopes of Mount Rose.  (Special to Maria Coulson/L...
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A skier descends one of the chutes in deep powder snow at Mount Rose Ski Tahoe.  ,
The main lodge is the center of activity.  (Maria Coulson)
Winters Creek Lodge at sunrise.  (Maria Coulson)
Above the Clouds author David Coulson and photographer Maria Coulson.  (Maria Coulson)

Few activities are as exhilarating as skiing, with the refreshing wind on your face and the crunch of snow beneath your feet. Wearing skis even just once a year can improve overall health and happiness.

When we ski or snowboard, we live in the moment. A moment that, according to studies, does wonders for physical and mental well-being.

unique training

Skiing is a unique exercise that benefits cardiovascular health and keeps the body and mind active during the colder months. According to scientific studies, it exercises almost all major muscles, improves mental health, burns calories quickly and strengthens the body.

According to the Journal of Sports Science, when skiing or snowboarding you constantly have to maintain your balance while moving down a slope, and quick changes of direction are a great way to increase flexibility and range of motion. Especially as you get older.

After pushing yourself and getting your heart rate up during the race, take a breather by riding a ski lift. There is growing evidence that this style of interval exercise can provide a variety of benefits, from improving fitness to prolonging life.

exercise for all ages

According to renowned Austrian cardiologist Dr. Joseph Niebauer, skiing appears to revitalize blood vessels and cellular health. “We saw a positive effect on arterial stiffness, which is a risk factor for heart disease and Alzheimer’s, indicating rejuvenation of the arteries,” he says.

Skiing and horseback riding are a great way to reduce stress and anxiety, and help you release pent-up tension. They are also a great way to socialize with friends or family in beautiful natural surroundings.

In today’s digital world, winter sports are a stimulating and beneficial way for children to stay active and combat obesity. It can also contribute to your mental development. The sense of accomplishment that comes from learning a new skill or mastering a difficult track can boost their confidence and self-esteem.

ski getaway to the sierra

With the first snowfall, my wife Maria and I hit the ski slopes at Mount Rose Ski Tahoe, as we have for 30 years. There are no commercial mazes or exorbitant prices, no trams or gondolas, no long lines or preferential parking at this skiing-focused resort. It has unbeatable terrain and the best snow conditions at the highest snow level in Lake Tahoe.

“Higher elevation generally means drier, lighter snow during the six-month season,” explains marketing director Mike Pierce. “When it rains elsewhere, it almost always snows at Mount Rose.”

accessible and affordable

This last great family ski resort in the Sierras is just 25 minutes from Reno-Tahoe International Airport, a quick trip from Las Vegas.

You can pick up your luggage, make the short trip up the Mount Rose Highway, and be skiing an hour after getting off the plane. Show your boarding pass at the station on the day of your arrival or departure and you’ll get a $69 ticket.

And after the ski lifts close you’ll have a lot more to do than in the ski town. Reno offers a variety of restaurants, world-class shows, and endless activities for kids and teens, including indoor trampoline parks, extreme golf, escape rooms, movie theaters, and indoor and outdoor ice skating rinks.


Accessibility and affordability are some of the defining characteristics of Nevada resorts. High-speed ski lifts provide access to both sides of the mountain and maximize your time on the snow. The ski learning area has covered ski lifts, and a mix of terrain, from bowls and glades to moguls and slides.

“We believe Mount Rose is a great destination for families,” says CEO Greg Gavrillets. “They can park nearby, ski together and enjoy the entire mountain and the two lodges.” “The Lakeview Express Ski Lift, opened last year, offers beginner runs to the top of a hill with expansive views of Lake Tahoe.”

ski lessons

For your safety and enjoyment, you may be interested in taking a private or group class. The beginner package includes a ski pass, a two-hour class, and equipment rental. Rose Bud classes are for both kids who have never seen snow and those who yearn for the slopes. Everyone gets hot chocolate.

Based on his 36 years of experience, ski school director John Beasley says, “Not only do the classes improve skiing and snowboarding performance, but people who learn to ski and snowboard often maintain a healthier lifestyle.” “, which benefits their overall health throughout their lives.” Experience as a Resort Instructor.


Mount Rose Ski Tahoe attracts world-class skiers with its easily accessible double black diamond slopes horseshoe bowl 200 Acre Northern Exposure. According to Ski Magazine, “What sets Chutes apart from the resort’s other steep terrain is its long slopes ranging between 40° and 50°.”

The most spectacular valley is El Cap. Standing on a cliff, the 72-year-old contemplated a descent of 1,500 vertical feet. My heart was beating with excitement as I bravely descended the steep slope.

Maria, who didn’t start skiing until she was 47, had more sense, and she prepared and raced in Tahoe’s stunning surroundings.

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