Sofia Vergara admits that her chest allowed her to “open all doors”

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  • Sofia Vergara decided to talk openly about her view of her body
  • And she says her plasticity opened some doors for her

Schwarzkopf, the newly appointed new muse, recently spoke in an interview with Spanish daily El Pais. Sofia Vergara, true to her direct style, candidly shared her journey, for example The impact of her physical appearance on the opportunities for roles offered to her. In her comments, the Modern Family actress highlighted Defining the role of her breasts in her career, they have been called her “passport”. She debuted as a model when she was 20 years old. At 51, he insists he is still in the industry. She also said that she always knew how to recognize her strengths and take advantage of them.Sending a clear message to those who only see her looks: “If all you see are my breasts, that’s your problem.” ,

Most of all, the work is worth doing

The Colombian actress believes her long-term success is nevertheless linked to other assets: “I’m not afraid to take risks and I work harder than anyone.” In fact, the beautiful brunette started studying at a university in Colombia to become a dentist, but stopped to start modeling. Sofia Vergara spotted by a photographer on a beach in Colombia Shooting for many brands including commercials for Pepsi (at just 17), McDonald’s, Colgate… After this, she became a TV presenter.

On a personal level, the actress has gone through tough times, but she has demonstrated her ability to overcome them with strength and resilience. She moved to Miami, United States, after her older brother Rafael was murdered in Colombia following a kidnapping attempt in 1998. He soon signed an exclusive contract with Univision Group to present television shows. She will present two shows in Spanish. Sofia Vergara will also learn the profession of actress by taking classes At the Creative Workshop School of Acting.

As a versatile Colombian star, Sophia is also excellent as a model and television producer. She beautifully embodies the modern and glamorous woman in the latest campaign of Head & Shoulders cosmetics brand. professionally, Sofia Vergara excitedly begins a new chapter as the iconic face of the Schwarzkopf brand, Thus she is reconnecting with her modeling roots. This opportunity marks a turning point in his already flourishing career.

What did Sofia Vergara star in?

Sofia Vergara has distinguished herself in various artistic fields, especially as an actress. In 2009, she received one of the lead roles in the series Success “Modern Family”, Where she plays the character of Gloria Pritchett. This performance earned her four nominations at the Golden Globes and Emmy Awards and she was nominated at the time The highest-paid television actress in the United States, earning an annual salary of $19 million.

apart from “modern Family”, Sofia Vergara has also starred in many sitcoms such as “Baywatch”, “My Family First” and more. “Dirty Sexy Money.” In cinema, he enriched his filmography with productions such as “”. Big Trouble”, “Hot Pursuit”. with Reese Witherspoon, and “fading Gigolo” With Woody Allen, Vanessa Paradis and Sharon Stone. In 2024, Sofia Vergara made a significant return to television by playing the lead role in the series “Griselda” Aired on Netflix. The series traces the life of a Colombian drug smuggler.

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