“Someday they will pay the price.”

A Cuban resident in Ranchuelo, municipality of Villa Clara, angrily condemned this He is suffering from continuous robberies in the courtyard of his house.

Ali ValladaresThe mother of two children reported on her Facebook wall that for four months, since her husband left the country, two or three unscrupulous people have not stopped breaking into her yard and taking away the chickens and rabbits, and finally they found a lamp. Stole.

“One day they are going to fall, because sooner or later divine justice reaches everyone and they are punished for the evil they do. I know you are also going to read this. Before entering my courtyard They had to wait until my husband left, because he never got involved. This is already a good lack of respect, you have a family and one day you will have to pay the price for it,” he said.

Facebook capture/Ali Valladares

The young mother lamented that due to the increasing number of robberies in the municipality, she and her neighbors have to patrol their own homes and blocks.

“There is no peace now and to make matters worse they are not far away as they keep watching all day long and seeing what they can bring to me,” he criticized.

He further said that he also had to sell his motorcycle as he could not wait overnight to get it, as he had to work and take care of his children.

,If they join again I won’t respond, because I’m not alone in this.“Let’s be clear…” he warned, adding that he would install surveillance cameras in the home.

Friends and neighbors commenting on the post criticized the reckless actions of the criminals and the inaction of the police, which is forcing decent people to live in fear of being robbed of everything they have, achieved after much sacrifice. forces for.

A former resident of the neighborhood remembered that several light bulbs and lamps had been stolen from the veranda of her house, and she assured that they were from the same neighborhood.

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