Son of the forest How to Prepare Remedial Medicine – Son of the Forest

We teach you where to find the necessary materials and their location, as well as what recipes there are to be able to heal yourself effectively in any battle or ambush.

In Sons of the Forest, moreover craft By cooking weapons, structures or some noodles we can also make some medicines which can be very useful. useful during war Or enemy ambush.

How to craft healing potions in sons of the forest

For now we have only two prescriptions To make these medicines. is one of them treatment mixturebeing slightly less effective than the other Treatment Mixture Despite requiring more complex resources to discover, Worthy Since it heals so many lives.



life recovery

treatment mixture

x1 Aloe Vera | x1 friends


Healing Blend +

x1 Aloe Vera | x1 Epilobium | x1 ponytail


Where to find aloe vera and yarrow? sons of the forest

Aloe vera and yarrow are certainly fairly easy resources to find If you have explored Even though it is the lowest on the island, you may have seen some of these plants. still, We leave you a map So that you can find them without any difficulty.

Once you get the hang of them, over time they reappearSo take as much as you can without worrying about it.

Where to find Abilobio and Horsetail in Sons of the Forest

Epilobio and Horsetail, not that they are very hidden on the island, but they are They are in unusual areas, so it’s quite rare to have one on your list. Like the previous two, we leave you a map of both with their respective photos.

We also remind you that you can get medicine bottles To heal you much faster in battle.

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