Sony may bring back one of its best collections for PS5 and PS4 that has been missing for 11 years

A new Sony registration could anticipate the return of Best of PSN, which could be included in the PlayStation Plus catalog

Sony may bring back one of its best collections for PS5 and PS4 that has been missing for 11 years

The PlayStation environment has become somewhat rarer in 2024 Following Sony’s announcement which indicated that its franchise would not have any major releases until 2025. Therefore, what is playing a key role in the Christmas campaign of the Japanese firm will be the arrival of the PS5 Pro, which they cannot stop talking about. Details have emerged in recent weeks. However, the company continues to try to improve in other ways Provide your players with new options,

Thus, with the arrival of a future update that will include dynamic backgrounds on the PS5, Sony may also be thinking about Save one of his game collections that has been missing for 11 years, since the PS3 stage. is about best of psnwhich included 4 of the classic indie games The most representative of the brand. The concept has appeared in a new registration by Sony, which could indicate that its return is being considered, perhaps, being part of the PlayStation Plus Premium catalog. they were These games are included in Volume 1 of The Best of PSN,

  • when the vikings attack
  • sound shape
  • tokyo jungle
  • fat princess

We’ll have to see how this movement pans out from Sony’s side and what they decide Bring this collection back from the PS3 stage Or if you change its name somehow to get on a subscription service. for now, The record is not indicative of anythingSo we will have to wait for the future movements of the Japanese firm.

PlayStation promises to expand the list of classic games on PlayStation Plus

One of the biggest problems the PlayStation Plus catalog is facing Low attendance of classic PS1, PS2 and PS3 titles For premium customers. For this reason, the Japanese company is committed to allocating more resources in this regard to offer more options and to continue expanding the list of classic games.

We will have to see whether The Best of PSN will return along similar lines Or if it is part of some other type of strategy by an unknown party.

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