Reynaldo Rueda attacks after Honduras-El Salvador and gives clarification on the Rougier issue

Houston, United States.

honduras national team 1-1 draw against guard More doubts arose before the playoffs at Shell Energy Stadium in Houston and LA.

After equality before Salvadorans, Reynaldo RuedaBicolor coach stood up and analyzed the match 72 hours after the defeat Costa Rica for tickets America’s Cup,

Coffee producer gave clarification on the dispute jonathan rougier After Ticos’ first goal, he made it known that he would not call up players who did not perform and, how would he prepare for the World Cup qualifiers?

Analysis of the draw against El Salvador:

“I think it was a game of two different halves in which El Salvador surprised us with good football. From the point of view, they outstripped us in terms of numerical superiority on the field, we had more ball at defensive level and lacked offensive support. For the second half, a different arrangement was put in place and as a result, both phases of the game, both defense and attack, were improved.

Conclusions from the two March Games:

“It is a positive coexistence of bilateral knowledge between the coaching staff and the players, it is important for the players to recover after so much time without them, they were two difficult games and from a psychological point of view it has not happened for us.” “It is easy to recover from the last match and not being able to participate in the Copa America.”

“Naturally another 11 was formed, we had another different roster, we had to give the accepted players a chance, it is not easy to put that 11 together with a training unit, for that positive aspect but satisfactory No, the goal of the first game was not accomplished for the impossible, but the difference was visible today. One thing is that Honduras is with players who were not there against Costa Rica and the other thing is that we suffered important casualties who did not arrive due to their injuries to face this final Copa America match . Today, the dignity of what we want to become remains.”

Football players who did not perform:

“Nobody waits for me, I can’t wait either. There are players who make their place in the national team from the first minute There are players who are given one, two, three chances and they don’t take advantage of it. There are players who are from clubs, but the reactions of the international elite require other ingredients. There are footballers who enter and stay, and there are others too, although they have all had sub 17, sub 20 and sub 23 processes; But they don’t enter the senior national team.”

Microcycle in April and May?

“In April we do not have space, in May we will see how, now comes the definitive example of the microcycle. We have everything in the program, depending on who stays in the tournament, we will work with them.”

Message to National League players:

“They are living the message of the National League, did you see how many players played against Costa Rica? There were nine, even, we should have done it from the beginning, we have to build, we are all products of the National League, we have to continue demanding of ourselves, the games will be intense, we saw it these days, we “This gives us important information for the qualifying round.”

He talks about the controversy with Rougier:

“Jonathan Rougier had a hand in the first goal, but where does the error begin? It’s not just Jonathan’s“But from the beginning of the fouls, from the errors in the match, the ideal is to win and qualify for the Copa America.”

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