‘Delicate’ part 2 coming? How to watch new episodes

Kim Kardashian and Emma Roberts to star in new season "American Horror Story"

Kim Kardashian and Emma Roberts to star in the new season of “American Horror Story”

After a long wait, “American Horror Story” fans will finally get answers to some of the questions that the mystery cliffhanger “American Horror Story: Delicate,” Part 1 left open in October.

Featuring Emma Roberts and Kim Kardashian, the first five episodes of “AHS: Delicate” premiere in September 2023. The 12th installment of the award-winning anthology show, “Delicate” takes inspiration from Danielle Valentine’s novel “Delicate Conditions.” In an interview with Entertainment Weekly the author described it as “essentially a horror novel about pregnancy”.

The story of “American Horror Story” involves a cult, a mysterious pregnancy and an actress desperate to make it in Hollywood. The remainder of the series consists of four more episodes, titled: “Opening Night,” “Ave Hestia,” ‘Little Gold Man,’ and “The Author.”

Here’s how to watch the final episodes of “American Horror Story: Delicate.”

When will ‘AHS: Delicate’ Part 2 premiere?

The first episode of “AHS: Delicate” Part 2 airs April 3 at 10PM ET/PT.

Each of the four new episodes will air weekly on Wednesdays.

Where to watch ‘AHS: Delicate’ Part 2

New episodes of “AHS: Delicate” air every Wednesday on FX. If you have access to the FX channel through your cable subscriber, check local listings. Episodes are available for streaming on Hulu the following day.

‘AHS: Delicate’ Part 2 Trailer

Cast of ‘AHS: Delicate’ Part 2

  • emma roberts as anna

  • Kim Kardashian Siobhan as Corbyn

  • Matt Czuchry as dex

  • dennis o’hair as Dr. Hill

  • Leslie Grossman as ashley

  • Billie Lourd as ashley

  • Annabelle Dexter-Jones As Sonia Shawcross and Adeline Harding

  • cara delevingne as Nurse Ivy

  • Michaela J Rodriguez As Nicolette

  • maaz ali in the form of a lotus

  • Julie White as Ms. Preacher

  • Tavi Gevinson as quora

  • debra monk as virginia

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