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Find out how the Universitario de Deportes will shape up in the friendly matches ahead. Central will be Noche Crema 2024.

Sports University and its alignment
© Sports UniversitySports University and its alignment

The Universitario de Deportes has everything ready to start its year, so the games ahead will be very important. So, now that the preseason is in its final stages, we know how Fabián Bustos’ team will shape up. The “Us” will play a few games before the Big Cream Night, where they will present their players.

As a goalkeeper he will undoubtedly sebastian britoThen with a row of three features With Aldo Corzo, Williams Riveros, Mattias Di Benedetto, of the streets Andy Polo (right) and Nelson Cabanillas (left), in midfield Rodrigo Ureña, Martín Pérez Guedes and Horacio Calcaterra, And up with Addison Flores Alex Valera or Diego Dorregre,

As such, it is important to specify what the “U” could stand for in theory for these high school sports. Where of course the most important thing is how they will compete, outside of results or what the fans may demand. If the team plays well and the expected result does not come, one has to be patient, as it happens in all types of preseasons.

We corroborate this journalistic mention with the statement of Diario Libero, where it explains in more detail what the reigning champions will duel next: “The Argentinian coach Bustos, chosen to replace Jorge Fossati, already has his first eleven. Are preparing who will play first in the “Poet Night” friendly match in front of César Vallejo University in Trujillo and against Atlético Nacional of Colombia in Florida, United States.

The new Merengue coach will later present to reinforce the eleven, except in attack: “According to what we saw in practice, Sebastián Britos will be in goal. The line of three in defense does not change. That means Aldo Corzo, Williams Riveros and Mattias Di Benedetto will go. Andy Polo (right) and Nelson Cabanillas (left) as wingers. Rodrigo Ureña, Martín Pérez Guedes and Horacio Calcaterra in midfield. And over Edison Flores with Alex Valera or Diego Dorregre.

What friendly matches will take place between Universitario de Deportes?

First up will be Poet Night this Tuesday, January 9th. Kickoff at 6:00 pm against Cesar Vallejo University at Trujillo’s Manaciche Stadium. This will be the official presentation of Professor Fabián Bustos to his fans. Which filled all playing stages for the 2023 season.

Next up is an international trip to the United States, starting with Peru on Sunday, January 14 at 6:00 pm against Atlético Nacional de Medellín in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Finally, win the Noche Crema 2024 against Chile’s Coquimbo Unidos at the Monumental “U” Stadium on Saturday, January 20 at 8:00 PM IST. Merengue is all the information about the universe.

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