Star Academy: This close friend of Rihanna packed her bags for the palace!

This Monday, a famous artist who has collaborated with greats like Rihanna came to meet the students of Star Academy.

Big surprise for the last candidates of star Academy, Actually, this Monday a person close to Rihanna reached the palace. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Very tough start for Lenny

impossible to miss star Academy, It must be said that since his return TF1 In 2022, The famous singing competition is a huge success, And the least we can say is that the latest version is no exception to the rule.

So, twelve weeks ago, students packed their bags to head to the famous castle of Demary-lès-Lys. Today, only four remain: Helena, Julien, Pierre and Axel,

Indeed, after several weeks of adventure, Leni, the youngest star Academy found myself exhausted Of competition. Hence a big shock for the fans, but also for the student,

As a reminder, after his departure was announced, Lenny found myself in a state of shock On the tray. And that didn’t stop fans from worrying star Academy, Thin !

but invited on the set of daily this Monday, The young woman reassured her fans by assuring that everything is fine For him. So to the greatest happiness of the latter!

Despite Lenny’s unexpected departure, the competition still continues. apart fromThe remaining four students were pleasantly surprised. At the beginning of the week. In fact, someone close to Rihanna was invited to the palace! MCE TV tells you more!

A relative of Rihanna was invited to the Star Academy

The famous singing competition is about to end. In fact, last of star Academy will take place next saturday 3rd february, on TF1. Thus, the audience will know who will be the successor of Anisha, the big winner of season 11. That is all!

So the level goes up by one notch for the students who are still in competition. Also, to start the week off right, these it was a big surprise,

Indeed, this Monday, January 15, Michael Goldman arrived at the palace with a very great artist: Woodkid. “He is a very complete artiste who has a special approach towards music. He has worked with big international stars. This is an untouched name. I didn’t think he’d come here, you’re so lucky , were declared directors of star Academy Student.

A big honor for the students of star Academy so. As a reminder, the masterclass guest Collaborated with Rihanna, Lana Del Rey, Harry Styles and Katy Perry, just that !

Moreover, the latter is a huge fan of the show. , I’ve been seeing you almost every day since the beginning , , Woodkid confessed again. Before adding: “You guys are so cute. I have to confess that I love you very much. , To the greatest happiness of the students!

One thing is for sure, last week of star Academy Promise to be full of emotions and surprises.

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