Starting this date, Costco will no longer sell food to non-members

Costco Wholesale Corporation, the world’s largest company specializing in wholesale trade, introduced a unique strategy. This proposal means that only company members will be able to purchase food from their premises.

This decision will come into effect on April 8 of the current year. This measure would have a negative impact on hot dogs, one of the most popular foods sold by Costco.

This product began being sold in these supermarkets in 1984 for $1.50 USD and has remained that price since that date. Corporation officials said the eating places have been used by people with memberships and consumers who do not have this credential.

The information was published on the Reddit website along with a photo of a store in the city of Orlando, Florida. In the image you can see that membership cards will be required to purchase groceries starting Monday, April 8, 2024.

customer opinion

Management has not commented on whether non-membership citizens who have Costco cards have the right to shop at the facilities. However, some colleagues have stated their criteria regarding the initiative that the company will implement.

One of the main arguments given by members is the congestion of users in food areas. Other opinions relate to the income from food sales of shops and their prices.

The company appointed a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Ron Vachris, on the first day of January 2024. Previous CEO Craig Jelinek served for 11 years. Jelinek will serve as an advisor to Vachris for the next month and will continue to serve on Costco’s board of directors thereafter.

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