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The red and white team will be in action this Friday in Verde Valle to complete the preparations for the visit of the university students.

Chivas surprised its fans with an announcement that will leave them speechless.
©@ChivasChivas surprised its fans with an announcement that will leave them speechless.

It was the morning of this Friday, February 23, 2024, when the official In Chivas de Guadalajara, a strange message was published consisting only of the numbers 1 and 0, highlighting the strangeness of the followers, but all this was due to the presentation of the new jersey of the EsportsChivas team.

sacred herd working All week long, with one of the most complex matches of the 2024 Clausura tournament in mind, Especially because the Cats have been one of the most consistent clubs of the campaign, finding themselves third in the competition with 15 points.

While Chivas is in ninth place with 12 points. When they won after letting two units escape on the Mazatlán plain last Friday And last Tuesday they suffered their second defeat against Necaxa in the worst duel seen by the Rojiblancos under the command of Fernando Gago.

The hidden message that Chivas sent on social networks

Guadalajara, on the other hand, surprised its fans with a strange publication that has generated all kinds of unfounded theories, but according to binary code. They launched a hidden message that read: “Wait until 10 am,” without further details.

This was the message which surprised everyone. Photo: x

This led Chivahermanos to think about the possibility of a new signing, Since players who are free and come from abroad have until March 8 to be hired, a possible new uniform version is also being discussed and others have commented that it is something related to Akron Stadium. Which will be the World Cup in 2026.

He launched a new jersey for the EsportsChivas team

It was through the social network that they announced the content of said binary code and that it was a new t-shirt for the EsportsChivas team. Pursued in a new way by Fernando Beltran and Alan Mozo. The jersey is dark blue with red and light blue tones vertically, with a shield on the left side and the name on the back: “Introduction to the Jersey” @PumaMexico that too together @yeyian_mxy @Juega_eFootball We will defend to the best of our ability, we are united #flockbits”, Chivas published in its accounts.

Photo: @Sivas

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