Summary Stage 5 Catalonia Tour

axel lawrence won the fifth stage of return to catalonia, There was a dispute this Friday between Altafulla and Villadecans, of 167 kilometers, including Slovenian, tadej pogakarcontinues as a leader and egan bernal He kept his chances of advancing in the general classification intact.

The day was not at all calm, as the runners made it very difficult to prepare their legs for this Saturday’s run, the Queen of the 2024 edition.

without any carelessness

A long holiday was the main novelty of the day and the group was made up of Oscar Rodriguez, Jacobo Mosca, Enzo Paleni, Georg Steinhauser and Christopher Juul-Jensen.

Behind, the main group increased the pace as it approached the finish line, so that the escapees did not have the option to define victory at the finish line.

The Packers’ teams began cutting their way and they succeeded, so the stage was almost doomed for the fastest runners of the group.

Bernal was close to the best overall, not losing his focus and attention to any activity, which is why he maintained his place in the ‘top’ 10 overall.

the stage was very busy

Before the final stretch, Pogačar had another quiet day. your team, United Arab Emirates Emirates, He controlled the departure of runners who could harm their leader and thus avoided many surprises.

Other Colombian cyclists raced in anticipation. nairo quintana Keeping in mind the interests of its leader, Enrique Mas, Like einer rubioWho will be a leading cyclist to occupy the top 10 overall positions this Saturday.

And since this Friday we race with our head set on Saturday, as it will be between Berga and Queralt, 154 kilometers, with five mountain passes: one of the third, another of the second, another out of category and two of the first. , the last of them is at the finish line.



1. Axl Lawrence 3 hours 36 minutes 05 seconds

2.Marijn Van Der Bergh Mount

3. Brian Coquard MT

26. Sergio Higuita Mount

28. Einar Rubio Mount

31. Tadej Pogacar Mount

38. Mount Esteban Chaves

45. Mikel Landa Mount

56. Egan Bernal Mount

58. Narrow Quintana Mount


1. Tadej Pogakar 20 hours 54 minutes 36 seconds

2. Mikel Landa at 2 minutes 27 seconds

3. Alexander Vlasov at 2 minutes 55 seconds

4. Lenny Martinez at 3 minutes 21 seconds

5. Chris Harper at 3 minutes 22 seconds

6. Enrique Mas at 3 minutes 24 seconds

7. Sep Kuss at 3 minutes 31 seconds

8. Vout Poles Mount

9. Egan Bernal at 3 minutes 50 seconds

10. Joao Almeida at 3 minutes 52 seconds

13. Einar Rubio at 4 minutes 15 seconds

20. Nairo Quintana at 6 minutes 17 seconds

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