Is it possible to be happy even in spring?

On the arrival of spring, one of the most emotionally tumultuous times of the year, coach Jose Montanez offers the keys to achieving happiness and a fulfilled life. with its launch Title ‘A Boy on the Other Side of the World’ on Audible

Its content has been viewed over 20 million times across various channels and it has handled thousands of individual cases over the past seven years, Helping people find themselves and work on their happiness.

There’s no doubt that spring is one of the most emotionally transformative times of the year. We feel sad, depressed… but sometimes we are also filled with optimism. How to balance that emotional rollercoaster? Motivational coach, author and Spanish media marketing entrepreneur José Montánez stands as a guide to finding the path to well-being and happiness, even at this time of year., His most recent work, ‘A Child on the Other Side of the World’, recently released on Audible, offers practical keys and strategies for achieving a fulfilling life. And is connected to itself. Although he is not a psychologist or sociologist, but rather an engineer who bases his teachings on personal experiences, José Montánez, through his works, in written format and now in audio, has managed to positively influence thousands of people. Have been.

The addition of José Montánez and his books to Audible represents another step towards the goal of offering quality content in the field of well-being and personal development. Its unique approach and ability to positively inspire makes this collaboration a valuable addition to Audible’s catalogue, contributing to the growing demand for content that inspires well-being and happiness.

Just a few months ago, José Montánez premiered his first three titles on Audible, ‘Espabila de una puta vez’, ‘Zindagi do din ki hai’ and ‘What are you waiting for?’, to be that friend who makes you open your eyes and click. In them he mentions some of the challenges, such as going into nature without his cell phone and not being able to see plants, breathe and take photos. An experience with oneself without anyone’s approval. “Having a healthy self-esteem doesn’t require others to value you, and it’s all the activities you do with yourself and for yourself.” He believes that social networks do not allow us to be like that. “We are not enough, we compare ourselves and that becomes evil.” He says, that’s why he wants to use them in a very positive way on his account @valesdemasado, where he has helped in more than 2,600 cases.

Currently, he has been creating inspirational content for over 7 years, with millions of views on his social media channels and thousands of personal stories., Narrating their work on Audible allows them to reach a wider audience, offering a close voice who, through their own experiences, helps people break everyday barriers and achieve personal goals. Is.

In a world full of challenges and distractions, our need for guidance increases when it comes to finding ourselves. Audible, an Amazon company and global distributor of quality audio entertainment digital content, is proud to be part of the growing trend toward wellness and self-development. And, according to data from the Audible Compass 2023 study, 57% of Spaniards show increasing interest in wellness-related audio content. This is because, according to data from the same study, wellness, health and self-development have increased and are already among the 5 most popular genres on the service. This is the first time in 7 years of research and this increase in popularity is attributed to the after-effect of the pandemic.

Of Audible’s general audiobook catalog, 15% is dedicated specifically to wellness and self-care. The topic has proven to be the No. 1 vertical in terms of both new audiences and revenue, underscoring the importance and relevance given to personal wellness and self-development in today’s society. This has allowed us to develop quality content in this direction, such as the audiobooks of Coach José Montánez, which are available exclusively on the service and which have remained in the top 5 of the most listened to titles on Audible since its launch Have happened. a few months ago.


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