Superintendent of Health Services confirms definite closure of prepaid

The Argentine Government confirmed in the last hours and through the Superintendence of Health Services (SSS) Definite closure of a prepaid drug company and surprise transfer of its entire membership portfolio to another borrower.

the organization was wiped out North Medical Aid SA The National Registry of Prepaid Medicines Entities (RNEMP) created a strong stir. The decision was confirmed through the Official Gazette and is an important point in the regulation of prepaid pharmaceutical entities in Argentina. The company, a well-known player in the field of prepaid medicines, requested registration with the RNEMP several years ago, but decided to cancel its registration and transferred the portfolio to its partners. Argentine Mutual Association (Medicine),

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After detailed analysis and multiple inspections the Superintendent confirmed that there were no pending claims or regulatory hurdles against the unit. One aspect of this process was the field verification of the North Medical Assistance Headquarters, where it was confirmed that it was uninhabited, leading to the decision to proceed with deregistration.


A prepaid pharmaceutical company's registration was canceled and its members unexpectedly transferred.

A prepaid pharmaceutical company’s registration was canceled and its members unexpectedly transferred.

The move by Asistência Medica Norte SA reflects the changing dynamics of the private healthcare market in Argentina. The consolidation of institutions and the transfer of associated portfolios is a sign of an evolving market, where competition and regulation play important roles.

It should be noted that the decision of the Superintendent to cancel the above prepaid from RNEMP is not only an administrative measure but also a reflection of the crisis situation being experienced by the sector in the context of rising inflation. Increase operating costs day by day.

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