“Surrender or perish”

chairman gustavo petro Issued ultimatum to illegal people of gulf clan: They will surrender or be destroyed by the force of the state. occur between the President’s statements The security crisis that these illegals have created in the Municipality of Segovia (north-east of Antioquia) where 800 civilians are imprisoned and four soldiers have already been killed.

The head of state emphasized that these incidents They are a response to the government’s fight against illegal activities such as illegal mining and drug trafficking. He said that these are indications of the effectiveness of the steps taken by the government to dismantle these organizations.

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“To the same extent, these groups are going to act against the government and the population, This is an effect of the effectiveness of the government in fighting against the illegal economy.” said the head of state from Munich (Germany), where he is attending a security conference.

Similarly, the President issued a warning to this armed group, which currently has no dialogue with the government.

“We are going to respond. If they are not able to destroy their groups, as we have requested, they will be simply destroyed by the state” the President said.

This Friday, February 16, military forces reported the death of four soldiers in the countryside of Segovia during clashes with the Clan del Golfo.

in the midst of armed conflict There were 800 civilian survivors who were captured in the villages of El Aguacate, Alto de Manila, and Las Manuelas. The municipal administration indicated that they are not able to enter the area to provide humanitarian assistance as they are also victims of threats.

trace: Four soldiers killed in clashes with Clan del Golfo in Segovia

At the same time that the head of state issued the ultimatum, the Gulf Clan General Staff issued a statement. In this he argued for his presence in the area This follows their intention to confront the guerrillas. He accused the President of “benefiting” the destroyers.

“The national government, led by President Gustavo Petro, The only thing it has done is benefit the guerrilla that is destroying our population. For this reason, today the Gaitanist Self-Defense of Colombia (AGC) asks the Colombian people and especially the Municipality of Segovia not to be afraid of our organization, our objective is not to attack our roots, our farmers, the Not against at all. , “, the illegals assured.

In any case, the Defense Ministry orders that military forces carry out an “all-out offensive” against the Gulf Clan irregulars present in the north-east of Antioquia.

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