Lionel Messi is joined in the blackout of the networks to condemn the murder of George Floyd and racial violence

Lionel Messi joined the BlackOutTuesdaythe initiative to “turn off” social networks throughout the day in repudiation of the murder of George Floyd and against racial violence in the United States. Messi joined as well to the various figures of the whole world who supported the move as Susan Sarandon, Sacha Baron Cohen, Octavia Spencer, Jake … Read more

Selena Gomez participates in a “Blackout Tuesday” from your web site

LOS ANGELES (united States).- Selena Gomez participates in “Blackout Tuesday”, as seen in a statement on its official website. On June 2, fans were greeted with a message from the singer of “Boyfriend”, which encouraged thinking “introspective” in the midst of protests calling for justice for the death of George Floyd, after being immobilized by … Read more

George Floyd: Blackout Tuesday, the protest in social networks

With these publications, the internet users seeking to show solidarity and generate awareness about the harm caused by racism in society, as it is a problem that persists in the world. Hundreds of accounts have used this image with the hashtag corresponding. However, the ‘Blackout Tuesday’ emerged as an idea of the music industry to … Read more

Selena Gomez joins the protest against the police brutality against the black community by the closure of their website for the ‘Blackout Tuesday”

Selena Gomez showed their support to the black community by the closure of their website for the “Blackout Tuesday” of the campaign that was held on 2 June. The event was organized to protest police violence against black people in the united states The united states is currently in crisis as violent protests have erupted … Read more

Case George Floyd: What is the BlackOut Tuesday and how is this protest musical by George Floyd?

Case George Floyd All the companies shut down their networks for a day Andste 2 June was declared by many big companies of the music industry as well as the ‘Black Out Tuesday. The measure is a statement of solidarity in response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, as well as a call … Read more

George Floyd. Blackout Tuesday, blackout music in his memory

The music industry shut down the music with the Black Out Tuesdayto devote a day to reflection and the search for a change in response to the death of George Floyd and the murders of other african-american people. Several record labels organized for this Tuesday Black Out Tuesdaywhile violent protests erupt around the world in … Read more

“BlackOut Tuesday”: these are the artists that put out their music

This 02 of June was declared as the “BlackOut Tuesday” or “Blackout music”thanks to the movement that led to several production houses and artists all over the world. However, this initiative is focused on the united States after the death of George Floyd after being subdued by police officer Derek Chauvin on the 25th of … Read more

What is the Blackout Tuesday with images black on social networks

If they started the day watching dozens of boxes of black people in their social networks, it is because celebrities, record labels, businesses, and sportsmen of the world promised not to publish in their accounts for anything other than that dark image that represents the feeling of many people against police abuse and racism in … Read more

Beyonce and other artists are driving the ‘#BlackOutTuesday’, a blackout of music in tribute to George Floyd

The singer Beyoncé has been sentenced in his account of Instagram the death of George Floyd, who died by asphyxiation due to the pressure that Derek Chauvin exerted on your neck: “We need justice for George Floyd. We’ve all seen this murder to the full light of day. We are broken and angry. We cannot … Read more