They broke the windows of a government store in Sagua de Tanamo

Cubans angry over frequent and prolonged blackouts broke the windows of a government store in Sagua de Tanamo, Holguín, leading to a series of protest incidents in different areas of the country in recent hours.

He Cuban newspapers Posted photos of the affected facility and confirmed that a group of people broke the store’s windows.

Similarly, “(officials) are currently installing wooden panels in other shops as a precaution” and “security has been increased on the streets, which are manned by police.”

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The affected location was the “La Montañésa” Pan-American store in the municipality of Sagua de Tanamo.

Reports on the network indicate that Cubans elsewhere in the country have also protested against the generalized crisis and blackouts of up to 17 hours a day.

Over the weekend, people of Holguín protested in the streets and in Camagüey many Cubans broke shop windows and a polyclinic.

In Cienfuegos, a young man went out into the street attacked with a knife and destroyed a government car From the province.

This Thursday they appeared Poster against Cuban rule in HavanaAnd on Wednesday posters appeared in several Artemisa neighborhoods, especially in San Antonio de los Baños and Alquizar.

Blackouts in Cuba affect more than half of the island for long periods every day 5 and 8 pm,

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