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Spanish media this week reviewed which 1 euro coins are currently very valuable and which you can keep in your home or purse without thinking. Don’t waste time and find what you are looking for!

According to a report by newspaper El Español, this series of coins, limited and coveted by collectors internationally, presents a unique design that pays tribute to a musical genius. Furthermore, various errors in their casting make them unique and unrepeatable pieces.

They warn from Spain that the value of the coins you keep in your home can be unpredictable. From the corners of your house to forgotten pockets, there could be a ton of money in the form of coins waiting to be discovered. Therefore, they invite you to carefully review each piece that passes through your hands, because some, without you knowing, may be coveted by collectors and reach exorbitant prices.

1 euro coins worth 500 today

You will be shocked by the huge increase in the price of an ordinary one euro coin. In just two decades, since the peseta said goodbye to circulation, the price of this one-euro piece has increased extraordinary, reaching 500 euros in the collector market.

The case we are talking about is a 1 euro coin bearing the face of one of the greatest musical geniuses, Mozart. Now its price in auction houses can exceed 500 euros.

According to experts, these pieces have become one of the most sought after by collectors in galleries and betting houses around the world. And, although they are not extremely rare, they can be hidden in any corner of the world, especially in countries that use the euro.

Others that also have very high prices, over 400 euros, are the 1 euro coins of 2009, which bear the face of Prince Albert II of Monaco, or the coins of 2002, which bear the face of Pope John Paul II.

If you want to know what are the characteristics of the two euro coins that have the highest value. Click here.

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