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A nutritionist refutes the new trend on TikTok

Eating a healthy diet is important for general health, and there has been much discussion in recent times about the existence of a diet fundamental to maintaining brain health. TikTok has become a major trend platform superfood, This is where new trends in eating this or that are born, without ... Read more

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5 health benefits of pistachios

Tuesday, 01/23/2024 – 13:23 crazy He is a common guest in the list of Essential foods in a healthy and balanced diet, And all of them provide our bodies with countless remarkable nutrients: they are packed with healthy fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals vital for the proper functioning of the ... Read more

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Diet: Best and Worst for Weight Loss – Health

Diet conscious one of two eat carefullyIntermittent fasting ’16/8′, flexitarian diet, diet for the care of microbiota and avoiding ultra-processed foods are the most recommended by the European Medical Institute of Obesity (IMEO). ranking ‘Top 5 of the best and worst diets for weight loss’, Since, in addition to contributing ... Read more

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