Cubans sing from balconies and rooftops in Havana in isolation by the coronavirus

There are several cubans who have been willing to sing from their balconies or roofs for their neighbors, in the middle of the required isolation which is maintained by the epidemic of coronavirus. Yesterday at 9 in the evening, when many were clapping to thank the medical staff that is battling the pandemic on the … Read more

Suspended classes in the University of Havana for the coronavirus

Classes are suspended at The University of Havana from Wednesday 25 marchas a precautionary measure before the advance of the coronavirus in Cuba, according to published Magazine Alma Mater. “As we get information from the other Universities of the country will tell you,” concludes the publication, which so far has not offered further details. “Begin … Read more

Tahimí Alvariño celebrates his birthday surrounded by cuban artists in Havana

The popular cuban actress Tahimí Alvariño still celebrating even his birthday, which was at the end of February. The artist said in their networks that has many people close to us who have wanted to celebrate with her and her birthday has turned into a fun day. This week, Tahimí celebrated his 51 years with … Read more