“Gazelle” service in Havana affected due to fuel shortage

Due to the country’s ongoing fuel crisis, the population in Havana is facing increasing difficulties in commuting due to the reduction in metrotaxi “Gazelles” service.

Cuban Taxi The report said that the fleet of Gazelle buses is facing a clear reduction in its operational efficiency. They have not offered data on when the service will be restored, and they insist that this is the reason fuel shortage,

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“During the last 48 hours, there have been difficulties in fuel supply to designated points for Metrotaxi vehicles, which is why it has not been possible to cover the routes on the established itinerary,” Taxi Cuba said on Facebook.

For many years, Cubans have watched as their public transportation system has gradually disintegrated with decreasing offerings and rising prices. The situation has been worsened by the recent instability in fuel supply in the country.

The debacle of the “Gazelles” comes in a context where the government has tried to regulate the prices that private transporters charge citizens, a measure it has promoted without considering the scarcity of resources, and many gas giants have lost the dollar. After the beginning of selling fuel in stations in the country.

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Eduardo Rodriguez DavilaThe Minister of Transport said that “it is necessary to move forward in the search for financing in convertible currencies for the contract of more vehicles, which will allow increasing the level of services on existing routes and even in the provinces to give importance to others. “

They told that they are interested in being above everything, electric carsSomething that has worried Cubans because they suffer blackouts of more than 12 hours a day and they do not understand how these vehicles can be charged in the country.

First Minister, manuel marrero cruzIn February, called eliminate “tenderness” Enforcing restrictions against rate increases in private transport.

Government policies that seek to counter the rise in prices in the sector could lead to the collapse of one of the few services operating with any regularity in the capital.

Getting around to work, school, and daily errands in Havana is becoming increasingly difficult.

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