Taxi driver found dead with at least 30 stab wounds

Yandri Cedeno Intriago was found dead today Thursday morning, February 29, 2024.

He Worked as cabbie And he was missing since 27th February.

Because of this, family, friends, and members of the Amigos car cooperative for which he worked began a search for him.

Yandri Cedeno was 39 years old and was working in his taxi at the time of his kidnapping.

The vehicle was found yesterday afternoon, Wednesday, in the 6 de Marzo neighborhood in the Montecristi canton.

inside the taxi There was a pair of shoes which belonged to the deceased. These were filled with blood, which raised concerns among those close to him.

Yandri Cedeno’s body was found in bushes near the Los Galacticos club complex, about two kilometers from the road leading to the failed refinery project.

According to initial information, about 30 knife attacks were made on the body.

The taxi driver’s family and friends rushed to the spot where the body was found and staged the ordeal.

He gained a lot of popularity in the taxi industry.

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