Refurbishing research reactors is important for science and medicine

more than There are 220 research reactors in operation worldwideThese facilities play an important role especially in sectors like medicine, agriculture and industry Production of radioisotopes for medical use, However, they face the challenge of aging, as most have been in operation for over 50 years. In view of this situation, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is committed to supporting countries in their efforts to refurbish and modernize these reactors to ensure their safe and efficient operation.

ruben mazziOn the IAEA side, the lack of plans in many countries to replace these reactors is emphasized, and the importance of keeping them running is highlighted. IAEA implemented it Research Reactor Safety Improvement Plan Since 2001, its aim has been to guarantee a high level of security Code of Conduct on Research Reactor Safety and aid in the management of aging.

In addition, the IAEA provides technical advice and peer review services, including the adapted SALTO (Safety Aspects of Long-Term Operation) methodology for research reactors. This international collaboration allows us to continuously evaluate and improve the safety and effectiveness of the facilities.,

mission of Evaluation of operation and maintenance of research reactors (OMARR) and other IAEA initiatives seek to strengthen the stability and reliability of these reactors. These collective efforts not only contribute to the management of aging but also… Sustainable development of nuclear capability and the infrastructure required for future nuclear programsEnsuring that research reactors continue to support scientific progress and technological innovation globally.

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