Texas Rangers sign David Robertson for 11 million

Texas Rangers Showed tenacity in the 2023 postseason and won its first title with the support of players like adolis garcia, marcus semien, corey seeger, They were eliminated in the championship series Houston Astros in the seventh game and then won 4–1 in the final Arizona Diamondbacks,

But to get there, the team had to undergo a drastic transformation in less than two years. Team during the 2023 regular season Texas Rangers They won 90 games and lost 72, finishing second in the American League West Division. To do this, they achieved the highest increase from one year to the next since 2022, where they showed a negative record of 68 smiles and 94 failures.

Several arrivals, especially in pitching, led to this performance last season. Well, this 2024, the Arlington team looks to repeat history and have acquired a very high-end pitcher to strengthen their bullpen.

Texas Rangers acquire pitcher with over 170 saves

Waiting for 2024, Texas Rangers Lost veteran Cuban firefighter Aroldis Chapman. pitcher signed for more than $10 million By pittsburgh pirates And left a significant void on the Texans team. West was the setter for the Arlington team and had a good season, in addition to being one of the most reliable late-game pitchers in MLB.

Last year, Robertson did not have a good second half of the season miami marlins Where in 22 games he achieved a clean average of 5.06 and saved four games. However, the first half of the year New York Mets Yes, she was good and out of 40 accidents she avoided 14 with an excellent PCL of 2.05.

The 38-year-old right-hander has accumulated 175 saves and an ERA of 2.90 over his 15-year career. his best years were spent new York Yankees Where he spent nine seasons and was also included in the All-Star in 2011.

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