The 4 phrases they use in the happiest country in the world

Happiness is considered the highest goal in people’s lives.However, many people go through life searching for this state of fulfillment and well-being without actually experiencing it. Therefore, on this occasion we will talk to you about 4 phrases and life philosophies expressed by the happiest people in the world.

To begin with, it is worth clarifying Finland is considered the happiest countryWhich is largely due to the level of satisfaction citizens have with their institutions and services, although it may also be due to the way they think and the way they prioritize well-being in their lives.

In this regard, Frank Martela, a researcher who studies the foundations of happiness, recently revealed that the culture and values ​​of Finns play an important role in the way they enjoy life, which is why he introduces 4 essential phrases into it. Let’s shed light on. Life of a complete person.

These are the phrases used by the happiest people in the world

The first expression referred to by Martella is “He who has happiness must hide it”, something that, although it may seem strange, actually makes a lot of sense, since people who really achieve happiness do not have to declare it to others. is not required.

When you are accomplished, you no longer need the approval of those around you, something that is related to the humble nature that characterizes the population of the happiest country in the world.

Secondly, the expert wrote for CNBC that the phrase “a pessimist will never despair” is one of the bases of Finnish thought, because instead of looking for the dark side of life, we should focus on finding solutions.

While the third phrase refers to the fact that people are responsible for their own well-being, because “each man is the blacksmith of his own happiness” and no one knows better than him what will satisfy him.

Finally, the phrase “few have happiness, everyone has heat” is one of the sayings of the happiest people in the world, because it shows that there is no point in being jealous of others, because at the end of the day There is always something in you that is worth it and now is the time to start valuing it, which could range from health, stability or successful relationships.

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