The alternative that promises to change the way we move in Venezuela (video)

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Luis Eduardo Gonzalezis the visionary founder and head of Volti, Venezuela’s first shared electric mobility companyshared exciting details about the vision and impact of this pioneering initiative in an exclusive interview with our editorial team.

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Gonzalez highlighted that Volti was born The idea of ​​creating and merging a “super app” that integrates alternative methods of transportation and is called an innovative concept “transportation”, With the aim of addressing urban mobility in a more sustainable and enjoyable way.

The entrepreneur highlighted the importance of raising awareness among the population about The environmental impact of transport, emphasizing that sustainable mobility is vital for the future of the city,

Since its launch, Volti has generated a huge impact, with 24,500 visits by 13,500 people in just 90 daysWhich shows positive acceptance and adoption of the service by the citizens.

The alternative that promises to change the way of movement in Venezuela

Gonzalez highlighted Volty’s commitment to user safety and education, including the implementation of bike lanes and promoting responsible use of electric scooters. Besides, Revealed the company’s expansion plans, which include the inclusion of bicycles, motorcycles and electric vehiclesWith the aim of offering a comprehensive solution to the mobility needs of the population throughout Venezuela.

Volti’s founder also noted the challenge of overcoming negative perceptions and initial resistance from certain sectors of the population, and reiterated the company’s commitment to educating and encouraging positive change in the way people move around in the city.

Gonzalez highlighted the potential of the analytical data generated by the service to improve urban planning and develop more efficient mobility models. Similarly, he highlighted the importance of user feedback in Volti’s national expansion. Their active participation and fundamental role in the development of the service was highlighted.

Photo: Stephanie Carvajal /

Free, simple and easy to use

The company representative said that the person who registers to test the system You must be of legal age And revealed that two skateboards can be unlocked with the app.

,You register, it’s very simple: your name, email, phone number, it will ask you for a photo of your cell phone, a selfie and once you finish, you will receive a security code, you can enter your Will verify the security code and you are already registered”Gonzalez explained.

Regarding recharge to use the system, Andrés Bello, a graduate of the Catholic University, explained that for now they are manual because it is a pilot test, although he announced that they are working on a payment platform.

Finally, Luis Eduardo Gonzalez invited the community to continue supporting Volti Becoming an active part of building a more sustainable and dynamic city through your social networks.

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