Wednesdays on Netflix: Expect “more horror” in season 2

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Jenna Ortega, star of the series WednesdayA bona fide Netflix hit, revealed that the second season will include many more horror elements.

Two years ago, a new series took the streaming platform by storm, capturing the hearts of viewers around the world: Wednesday was born. Derived from the Addams Family universe, the program follows its eponymous character, Wednesday Addams, as she investigates a mystery that has been haunting her boarding school for centuries.

The first season quickly became one of the streaming giant’s most-watched works. Unexpectedly, the new season has been announced. And recently, star Jenna Ortega, who plays the title role, announced that the new installment will include many more terrifying scenes.

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The Wednesday Season 2 Should Be Scarier Than Ever

During an interview with Laverne Cox for E! Jenna Ortega updated fans on the Emmys red carpet Wednesday A preview of what they can expect from Season 2.

,I got some scripts for the second season, and we’re definitely moving towards a little more horror“, Ortega explained, “It’s really, really exciting because the whole series (Wednesday) never really changes, and that’s what’s wonderful about that.,

,There are some really good lines and I think everything is great. There will be much more action. Each episode will feel like watching a movie.,

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Season 1 of Wednesday Already leaning towards the horror side, the main plot of the series revolved around a demonic creature killing people with all its might.

And, while the series had no problem showing the murders in some form, it obviously omitted some of its horror elements, with the story focusing more on Wednesday’s interactions with her companions.

But love triangles are over! In any case, this is what Jenna Ortega announced to Elle Fanning during her conversation as part of Variety’s Actors on Actors: According to the actress, there will be a season 2 “leave the romance for wednesday“, to favor a more sinister direction.

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However, that fan Wednesday Rest assured: the series won’t take itself too seriously, according to the lead actress’ words. Season 2 will resume its momentum.lights” because it is “A series with vampires and werewolves and superpowers, (so) you don’t want to take yourself too seriously,

No release date has been officially confirmed at this point, but Season 2 Wednesday It should be released on Netflix around April 2024.

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