The best way to make your TV smart

It is relatively cheap, powerful and adds functions that are not included by default in many televisions.

It’s difficult to find a television in stores that doesn’t include at least minimal support for streaming applications, a way to watch Netflix or Disney+ on the screen. In fact, I would dare to say that in 2024, this is simply impossible. These screens are now the new standard.

This has made things quite complicated for devices like the AppleTV or FireTV, which until recently was the common way to bring smart functions to a screen that would have been considered dumb until recently.

However, Amazon’s latest FireTV gives Good arguments for considering continuing to use these assistive devices. This is the Fire TV Stick 4K Max, which was announced in the autumn of last year and is a somewhat more advanced version than its predecessor, which had the same name.

wifi 6e

The differences are not much. device is more memory (It’s nice to be able to add more apps or games) And that’s a little faster Moving through different menus thanks to a more powerful processor, but there are two that are very important and that can change the user experience.

The first is that it is about The first TV adapter compatible with the WiFi 6E standard, Which provides better latency, less interference and coverage. In homes that have a router compatible with this technology, it is advisable to use devices that can take advantage of it and solve coverage problems if the television to which it is connected is in an area where There was poor reception, as is the case with most television I have attempted.

I have pretty good WiFi coverage in my living room, but not so much in my office, where I have a second television that I usually use for video games. To this we have to add that, unless we have a relatively new television, it is very likely that the quality of its integrated WiFi will be very inferior.

The second is that the Fire TV Stick 4K Max allows for the first time turning a television screen into a painting, More like. It has “ambient” backgrounds that fill the screen with works of art or photos (there are over 2,000 to choose from) and on which you can also put additional information, like upcoming calendar appointments, notes or shortcuts for smart home. .

This information can be surprisingly useful in some cases. The television, in a state of relaxation, now informs me When will my next Amazon order arrive? For example or it shows me the temperature. This isn’t something I plan on leaving on 24 hours a day as it can obviously reduce the life of the screen and is an unnecessary expense, but I find it useful in a room I’m only in during the day. Stay for a few hours.


And then, of course, there’s Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant. it seamlessly integrated into the device And now there is a more accessible and prominent button on the remote control.

In homes that are already within the Amazon ecosystem, that use the Echo or Ring Video Doorbell, this integration is undoubtedly one of the great benefits. This makes it easier to control and configure many of the elements that would otherwise require downloading specific apps or using a smart speaker.

In the US, Amazon is starting to test functions with generative AI in Alexa, but in a limited way for now. There is still no definite program for its expansion in Spain, but in the case of the Fire TV Stick 4K Max these functions allow us to generate Create ambient wallpapers by simply imagining the scene and describing it to Alexa. It’s something to look forward to and an appetizer for the future for these attendees.

In general and after several months of testing, I think the Fire TV Stick 4K Max is one of the best options Bring advanced features to 4K displays. It’s far superior to most in-screen platforms that typically come with TVs today, fast and efficient. For households that already have other Amazon devices, it integrates very well with just a few configuration steps.

Amazon continues to sell the previous version at a somewhat lower price, but the difference is so small (less than 10 euros) that It is worth choosing this new version, Whose current price is 71.40 euros.


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