European Parliament accuses Putin of murdering oppositionist Alexei Navalny and demands transparent investigation

European Parliament accuses Vladimir Putin of murdering rival Alexei Navalny and demands transparent investigation (Reuters)

He European Parliament This Thursday a manifesto was approved in which it expresses its “strong” rejection of “the killing” anti-russian Alexey Navalny by the President Vladimir Putin,

“The Russian Government and Vladimir Putin He takes personal criminal and political responsibility for the assassination of his most prominent rival.Alexey Navalny”, who He was serving an “unfounded and politically motivated” sentence In a prison in the Arctic Circle, the text reads that it received the support of 506 members of the European Parliament, while only 9 votes were cast in opposition and 32 abstained. Next, a “Independent and transparent” international investigation On the exact circumstances of the worker’s unusual death, which allows to “ensure accountability and justice” in this case.

Also, MEPs urged the Russian authorities to allow the activist’s relatives to celebrate his death this Friday. Funeral In a church in the Moscow district of Marino, south-east of Moscow. The episode will come after weeks of struggle by his mother Lyudmila Navalnaya to gain possession of the body and permission to view it publicly with her followers and relatives.

Lawmakers reported that Navalny was serving an “unfounded and politically motivated” sentence in a prison in the Arctic Circle (AP).

We do not know whether the funeral will be “peaceful” or whether the police will arrest “those who come to say the last goodbye”, said his relatives, who fear that scenes of last February 16 will be seen at monuments and squares. Throughout the country, followers would pay tribute and demand the death of the activist, repeated over the next few hours.

Finally, the letter expresses its “deepest condolences” to Navalny’s family and colleagues, especially his wife. Yulia NavalnayaTo whom he expressed his “full support” in his determination to continue his partner’s work, and To “immediately and unconditionally” withdraw all “arbitrary” charges against other political prisoners and those unjustly detained.

The Parliament’s statement was coupled with statements from other leaders of the European Community, such as the French President. Emmanuel Macron, American, Joe Biden, German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, And the President of the European Commission herself, Ursula von der LeyenWho did not waste any time in targeting the Kremlin after hearing the news.

The international community quickly blamed Vladimir Putin for the activist’s death (Reuters)

Biden said, “What happened to Navalny is further evidence of Putin’s cruelty, no one should be fooled, Putin is responsible for Navalny’s death,” while Macron demanded an “explanation without delay” from Russia. of.

For her part, Yulia thanked the lawmakers for their initiative but warned them that this type of action would have no effect on Putin, who manages to continue his authoritarianism anyway.

“If they really want to overthrow Putin, they have to be innovative and stop being boring. They cannot harm him with another resolution or another package of sanctions that is not different in any way from the previous ones, or by thinking that he is someone who has moral principles. We are not addressing a politician but a demon” the widow said during her speech.

Yulia Navalnaya warned that “we are not addressing a politician but a monster”, referring to Putin (Reuters).

“They kept him starved, in a small cell, isolated from the outside world, without visits, calls or letters,” he gave examples in that sense.

(with information from EFE)

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