Kate Moss, Rosalia, Natalie Portman: where to meet the stars during Paris Fashion Week?

Updated on February 28, 2024 at 6:32 pm.

Kate Moss, Rosalia, Natalie Portman: where to meet the stars during Paris Fashion Week?

Kate Moss, Rosalia, Natalie Portman: where to meet the stars during Paris Fashion Week? – ©Splash News/ABACA

Paris Fashion Week begins in the capital this Monday, February 26.

This is not a secret. Each season, the capital sees a parade of French and international celebrities through the streets of Paris during Fashion Week. They come to discover the new collections of all the biggest fashion houses, including Dior, Saint Laurent, Balmain, Louis Vuitton and Chanel. A major show dedicated to ready-to-wear, widely broadcast on social networks and so coveted, that it continues even in Paris according to the comings and goings of customers ©Celebrities. Hotels, restaurants, symbolic venues… So where can we expect to meet the stars at Fashion Week?

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If invitation cards to fashion shows are reserved for journalists, buyers, celebrities, and other influencers, it is still possible for fans to see celebrities during fashion week. Starting with the show’s surroundings, it is often held in locations symbolic of the City of Lights. The Trocadero Esplanade for Saint Laurent or the Tuileries Gardens for the House of Dior, to name a few. Equipped with patience and a keen sense of observation, they may attempt to witness the arrival of those personalities, who are often machine-gunned by hordes of photographers.

Famous Hotels and Restaurants

And when the stars aren’t crowding the front row of fashion shows, they’re still active during Fashion Week. Often, they make multiple return visits to their hotels between two fashion shows and events, giving fans a new opportunity to see them. One of the most popular every season: the famous Ritz hotel, which this year will see the parade of top models Kate Moss, Blackpink’s Rose and even the singer Rosalía on its premises. peninsula, in 16SoulThe district of Paris, but also Bristol, Cheval Blanc or Plaza Athénie are all prestigious addresses, and real destinations for the stars.

As far as catering goes, many addresses are popular with celebrities during Fashion Week. We find especially the Sienna restaurant in the 8th arrondissement, where Kylie and Kendall Jenner have already met last September. The unforgettable Lulu, located in the Tuileries Gardens, is where Selena Gomez and Brooklyn Beckham enjoyed some time with friends last season. Or Silencio, designed by filmmaker David Lynch. A true headquarters for the stars, Caesars restaurant regularly sees Rihanna, Timothée Chalamet and the PSG team parade by, and is definitely a must-see during this new fashion week.

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