The Bubbiest Eyeliner Everyone Is Already Using and Is Conquering 2024

Word “Show tantrums“In fashion it encompasses a playful and attractive approach which is reflected in style and personal presentation and this 2024 “coquette” fashion is back, as it is a style with a dominant attitude that seeks to attract attention in a subtle way. wants. But attractive, using clothing and accessories that highlight femininity And grace.

Fashion in this trend especially in pink and pastel colors translates into design options that can look both whimsical and elegant, combining eye-catching elements with sophisticated details to achieve a unique balance that is impossible to ignore, but fashion Show tantrums It is worn not only on clothes, but also on to complete,

This is a trend in which pink color dominates. Photo: Pinterest

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The Flirty Eyeliner That Will Win in 2024

Makeup trends are often linked to fashion aesthetics and in the case of the coquette uptique this is a must. Limit What is already conquering this 2024 is a design featuring soft and beautiful strokes that follow natural shapes eye With a delicate curve.

This framework is implementation specific eyeliner Of colour’sPlayful details, such as small dots or fine lines placed strategically to enhance the expression of the look, or the classic style of bow in eyeliner, as indicated by flirty fashion.

The coquette is here to stay. Photo: Pinterest

Remember that to complement this outline, Techniques Makeup should focus on glowing and natural skin, as eye makeup with soft shadows in neutral or warm tones will highlight the beauty of the look without reducing the eyeliner that we want to highlight.

When curling eyelashes and a Application Careful application of mascara will give volume and depth, enhancing the flirtatious charm with lips in subtle and feminine tones, such as soft pink or peach, perfectly complementing the look, achieving a charming harmony.

The idea is to play with eyeliner in flirty tones. Photo: PPInterest



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