The Central Bank of Cuba has prepared a banking transaction alert system

He Central Bank of Cuba announced a service Alert for banking transactions The purpose of which is to increase security and provide its users with detailed information about the activities taking place on their accounts.

facing the wave of Theft in magnetic card and electronic payment operations What has been happening for years, this system comes as an essential tool to protect the “pockets” of the Cuban people.

He The system will notify customers Collaborating with the Cuban telecommunications company, via text messages or through the Tudus platform, on credit, debit, received remittances and other important operations.

Carlos Miguel Casas Sancerio, head of the system development and interoperability department of the banking unit, highlighted the importance of this service, especially in a context where remittances do not have alert channels until now.

Although a user-managed version is planned in the future, for now The service is activated through bank managers And its trial period is one month.

still costs are unknown This service will be for customers, and commercial proposals are required to be developed for its contract.

He Central Bank of Cuba Responds to wave of thefts with a new bank alert system. Will this be the solution Cubans have been waiting for?

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