The Central Bank of Cuba provides important information to its customers today

Officials of the Central Bank of Cuba (BCC) provided important information to its customers on the island this March 15 regarding the issue of online payments and the numerous non-compliances in establishments to establish so-called “banking”. We tell you.

As shared by many banks such as the Metropolitan Bank of Havana with more than one million customers in the Cuban capital, the Central Bank of Cuba has informed customers of the following contact information to make complaints.

“before In case of refusal to use electronic payment channels in establishments, you can contact the Central Bank Cubans and raise their complaints through the Bienestar platform.
In addition, you can report your concerns, disagreements, suggestions regarding the banking process and everything related to the national banking and financial system,” he noted online.

Additionally, they offered the telephone number 8002 2622 to voice these concerns, complaints about establishments not accepting payments by QR, etc. They said they answer this phone from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. “We are here to serve you!” They insist.

More information from the Central Bank of Cuba

Recently, the Central Bank of Cuba celebrated the sixth month of the implementation of the banking procedure on the island and presented some information on its results.

It is a transformation in which all transactions (most of them), from payment for services and products to commercial and financial operations, are done digitally. Cash has been replaced by payment instruments and electronic channels, making money management simple and streamlined.

Globally, large transactions are no longer carried out with cash, but with electronic payment instruments. So, Cuba is not doing anything new in this process. Ultimately, you will only adopt existing international standards and practices.

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