The crisis in Ecuador is receiving support from Latin American countries, which condemn the violence carried out by armed groups that day, in which 10 people were killed.

Ecuador is experiencing moments of crisis after a violent takeover of that country’s TC channel was recorded on Tuesday, January 9. Similarly, a few minutes later, the capture of the University of Guayaquil was reported.

These events occurred on the second day of a state of emergency declared by that country’s President Daniel Ngoboa. After riots broke out in some national prisons in the last few hours.

Live: Criminals take over TC Television facilities in Ecuador

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1:00 am Latin America shows its support for Ecuador in the face of wave of violence

The governments of Latin America have condemned the violence carried out by armed groups in Ecuador this Tuesday, a situation that has led Ecuadorian President Daniel Noboa to declare an internal armed conflict in the country, which has so far killed a dozen people Are. and violent incidents in various parts of the country.

Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, among others, have supported and condemned the events that took place in the South American country, which resulted in the deaths of ten people.

At 12:00 the Chinese Embassy in Ecuador suspended public attention

The diplomatic headquarters announced that the Chinese Embassy in Quito and its Consulate in Guayaquil will temporarily suspend public service starting Wednesday, after Ecuador’s President Daniel Noboa declared “internal armed conflict” in the country.

“The public will be informed of the reopening in time,” the embassy said in a notice published on the Chinese social network WeChat.

At 11:30 pm, America, Peru and Bolivia announced their support to Ecuador in protest against the incidents of violence.

Peru announced on Tuesday it would declare a state of emergency along its common border with Ecuador so the army can help police after a series of violent acts in the neighboring country, including an attack by a group of armed men wearing hoods on a television channel. While live telecasting the alleged escape of two criminal leaders linked to drug trafficking.

Also coming from the United States and Bolivia were messages of concern and support for the South American country, which has been mired in violence and insecurity for at least three years and which ended 2023 with a record of 7,600 murders.

11:00 pm Peru declares state of emergency on border with Ecuador

The Peruvian government announced that the country’s entire northern border, which borders Ecuador, has been declared a state of emergency, so it will strengthen police forces in the region due to an increase in violence in the neighboring country, which led it to do so. Had to be forced. Declare the “existence of an internal armed conflict” resulting from the activity of “narco-terrorist” groups.

Peru’s Prime Minister, Alberto Ottarola, explained that the declaration of emergency is a decision of President Dina Bolwart, and it is due to violent incidents recorded in the Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil, where a group of hooded armed men have taken over. Features of Ecuador’s channel TC Television.

President Petro sent a message of support at 10:20 pm

President Gustavo Petro sent a message of support to the government of his Ecuadorian counterpart Daniel Noboa. He did this through his X (Twitter) account.

“We pay attention to whatever support the Ecuadorian government asks of us,” he wrote.

9:45 pm Deaths from crisis in Ecuador rise to 10

Ecuadorian police confirmed that at least 10 people died due to violence by drug trafficking groups in Ecuador.

A local police chief told a press conference that “eight people were killed” and three were injured in Guayaquil (south-west) as a result of a series of attacks.

Kidnapped police officers were rescued at 9:22 pm

Ecuadorian police confirmed the rescue of three uniformed officers kidnapped in Machala after being held hostage by criminals for several hours.

The authorities managed to arrest at least 10 people who were allegedly involved in this criminal action.

9:00 pm America is concerned about violence in Ecuador

The United States State Department declared itself “extremely concerned” on Tuesday about drug-trafficking-related violence in Ecuador.

“Extremely concerned about the violence and kidnappings in Ecuador today,” Brian Nichols, head of US diplomacy for Latin America, wrote on social networks that the North American country indicated it was ready to provide assistance to help control the insecurity crisis.

8:30 pm The armed forces declared the groups mentioned by Noboa a military objective.

Jaime Vela, head of the Joint Command of the Ecuadorian Armed Forces, assured that each terrorist group that was named in the decree with which Noboa declared internal armed conflict became a military objective.

,From this moment, each terrorist group identified in the above order becomes a military objective. (…) We are not going to back down or negotiate. Well, justice and order cannot seek permission or bow its head before terrorists,” he said.

At least eight dead after violence in Guayaquil at 8:00 pm

According to information received from the agency Europa Press, At least eight people died in the violent situations that occurred this Tuesday in the city of Guayaquil.

People have died in separate incidents in different parts of the city, the police force said in a press conference held with the city’s mayor, Aquiles Alvarez. Additionally, authorities managed to arrest 14 people suspected of taking part in the violent incidents.

6:30 pm Ecuador’s President leads the Security Council

Following the wave of violence that occurred this Tuesday, especially in the cities of Quito and Guayaquil, where numerous crimes instilled fear among citizens, President Daniel Noboa convened a Security Council to evaluate the delicate situation.

5:37 pm Government report

Communications Secretary Roberto Izurieta reported that President Noboa signed a decree through which he has mobilized the armed forces to guarantee territorial sovereignty. In addition, through which he convened an extraordinary State Security Council that brings together representatives of the three powers. It is expected that statements will be given to the press at the end of the meeting.

5:28 pm New police report

Police confirmed that it was an act of “terrorism” and that 13 people, apparently from the Los Tiguerones group, were captured inside the TC television channel.

Criminals arrested at 5:16 pm

This was the moment Ecuadorian police caught the criminals inside a TC television set.

5:01 pm: tax report

Prosecutor Yanina Villagomez made some brief statements to the local press. He assured that he will continue to gather information within the TC television channel, which was contacted by the criminals. Villagomez confirmed that authorities had captured 13 people inside the building. He did not provide further details as they would investigate first. A few minutes later, an ambulance entered the media facilities, but it has not yet been confirmed whether anyone was injured.

Businesses closed and heavy traffic at 4:52 pm

There is severe traffic jam in many parts of the city. People complain about lack of public transport. Due to fears of more violent incidents, businesses have decided to close. Officials announced that the peak and plate had been suspended so that all citizens could move around. They question where the traffic officers are in Quito.

Quito Mayor Pablo Muñoz gave a report. He says transport services are running normally and hundreds of traffic agents are present to deal with the situation.

4:21 pm Shots recorded in Guayaquil

Apart from the 13 criminals of TC Channel, the authorities caught 5 more people. According to local journalists, there has been a report of firing while trying to escape. Officers had to stop criminals who were trying to escape in vehicles.

4:13 pm Chaos and traffic jam

Heavy traffic has been reported on many roads in the country. Officials ask citizens to stay at home unless it is absolutely necessary to go out.

3:55 pm: Police tightened the reins on criminals

Ecuadorian police reported that they managed to capture some criminals who suddenly entered the television channel, which had been taken over. According to officials, they have arrested 13 people.

3:15 pm: President orders internal armed conflict

President Daniel Ngoba Azin signed an executive decree declaring armed transnational crime groups as terrorist organizations declaring an “internal armed conflict”. The President talks about the Aguilas, the Aguilaskillers, the AK47, the Dark Knights, the Chonkillers, the Choneros, the Covicheros, the Cuartel de las Fees, the Cubanos, the Fatales, the Gansters, the Cater Pilar, the Lagartos, the Latin Kings, the Lobos, Los P.27, Los Tiburones, the Mafia talked to. 18, Mafia Trebol, Patterns, R7, Tiguerons.

“I have ordered the armed forces to launch a military operation to neutralize these groups,” Noboa said.

3:04 pm: They report the capture of the University of Guayaquil

Several masked people entered the facilities of the University of Guayaquil. Students and teachers locked themselves in classrooms to prevent criminals from entering.

2:40 pm: Acquisition of television channel has been registered

A group of hooded men broke into TC Channel’s facilities in Guayaquil. It was clear in the broadcast how hooded men intimidated the journalists and technicians present in the studio. Some versions suggest that many of them are still being held.

1:30 pm: Face-to-face classes suspended in Ecuador

The Ministry of Education announced that in-person classes would be suspended across the country until January 12 after several incidents were recorded, causing chaos in the country.

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