The Cuban people donated a piano to the talented musician Fernando of Guanabacoa

Cubans gathered on social networks this Friday to give a piano to Fernando, a mentally disabled man from Guanabacoa who this week impressed thousands of people with his amazing talent on the piano.

The influencer known as Memesterio on Facebook said through his channel that in a few hours, thanks to many people, they managed to get a piano to a house in El Cotorro.

He also asked for help in finding a truck to transport the equipment to the residence Fernando in Guanabacoa,

The benefactor himself climbed onto the truck in search of the piano, and delighted the people who donated to him with his music.

This week the man now known in Cuba as the Prince of Piano surprised thousands of Internet users by showing his incredible talent as a pianist by performing several songs. Ave Maria,

The videos were published by Sister Ariagna Brito Rodríguez, who highlighted Fernando’s gifts and his contribution to the community by offering a concert for the grandparents of Guanabacoa.

He said in his statement, “When I play the piano I don’t think about anything, the day I play I don’t think in front of the piano. I do it because I like it, because playing it is a virtuosity.” Nun.

“I am not a genius, I am a person who searches People free their soul from problems, “When someone hears me play the piano they think I’ll live another 10 years,” he said.

Former boxer Lino Tomasén, known by the nickname “Cuban Iron Man”, approached Fernando’s residence and in the presence of neighbors In the morning he gave him money, clothes, shoes and even some tobacco. to smoke.

He said, this gesture brought tears to his eyes “I want to play in a place that caters to requests”, At that moment they promised them that they would soon give them a piano, but the organizers of the initiative did not even doubt that this instrument would appear in a few hours.

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