The dollar rose again and is beginning to fall in line with market expectations

He Dollar The price increased for the third consecutive day with an increase of 0.17% compared to the previous day and closed at 38,348 pesos. Central Bank of Uruguay (BCU).

The US currency recovery takes place in an international context that reflects its strength global dollar, Driven by a decline in market expectations due to a more rapid cut in interest rates than proposed by the United States Federal Reserve (Fed),

In this way the bank note is going through a positive phase compared to January. uruguay peso, In which it is working with fluctuations, but achieving an increase of 0.84% ​​compared to the end of December 2023 and moving away from the range of 38 pesos.

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Meanwhile, on the reference board of Republic Bank (BROU)He Dollar The retail ticket was offered at 38.05 pesos for purchase and 40.45 pesos for sale. For its part, the preferential price of eBROU Dollar Its price for buying was 38.55 pesos and for selling it was 39.95 pesos.

closing price of the day in Uruguay Electronic Stock Exchange (BEVSA) It stood at 39,250 pesos, while the maximum price was 39,400 pesos and the minimum was 39,250 pesos. The number of transactions on the day totaled 31, with a transaction amount of $16.5 million.

crypto Tether (USDT)with 1 to 1 parity DollarOnline purchases via bank or card today were quoted at an average of 41.07 pesos and ranged from 41.89 pesos to 43.21 pesos on the Binance peer-to-peer (P2P) market.

How is the dollar in Uruguay compared to market expectations?

Consecutive increases in exchange rates over the last three periods prompt caution Expectation In the market, however, the value is still far from forecasts, which had expected a value of 39.5 pesos by the end of 2023.

The figure was generated by the mean of responses to analysts consulted BCU Published in December, to be released this Friday in January. Various variables may be reflected there, including the relative stability of the bill in the 39 peso range and the latest reduction of 25 basis points. Rate of interest who defined kopom Leaving last December 29th tpm In 9%.

dollars in the last five days

  • January 11 – 39,393
  • January 12 – 39,207
  • January 15 – 39,135
  • January 16 – 39,262
  • January 17 – 39,283

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