A simple habit that costs nothing and can help maintain your mental health, according to experts

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  • Simple habits: what experts recommend for health
  • Importance and benefits of living with nature

Health is a complete state of Physical, mental and social well-being, to maintain good healthIt is essential to create healthy habits that allow us to live fully and contentedly.

This is not easy to do, but with effort and dedication it is possible. Therefore, it is important to start slowly and gradually increase the frequency and intensity of exercise. healthy activities,

Generate these types of activities together with contact with nature They can bring great health benefits.

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Experts recommend a simple habit that can make a big difference in general well-being.

Simple habits: what experts recommend for health

Keeping in touch with nature is also important for health, because it is Benefits for physical and mental health, That is why experts are advising outings and contact with nature. what are the reasons?

For brent bauergeneral practitioner in internal medicine Mayo Clinic“The biophilia This refers to the fact that we are programmed to be connected to nature; There is something healthy about having nature around you. Or be present there”.

By creating opportunities to be in touch with nature, you can improve your physical and mental health and live a fuller, more satisfying life. (Source: Archives).

In that sense, many people live in urban environments, where contact with nature is limited And this can increase stress, anxiety and other health problems.

It is important to create opportunities so that people can get involved contact natureEven if it’s just for a few minutes a day.

“These studies start by testing people who live in the city and then take them out into the woods. What happens to the blood pressure? What happens to the heart rate? In many, many studies, they show that We get better results in natural environment“The doctor indicated.

Nature can help improve mood and reduce anxiety. (Source: Freepik).

spend time outside often It’s a routine that doesn’t go unnoticedBut its benefits can be many.

The expert explained that “in my opinion, it’s more about Highlight the importance of being in nature Instead of just saying we should do this. “Now we actually have a therapeutic prescription.”

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Importance and benefits of living with nature

There are many benefits of being surrounded by nature:

  • Exposure to natural places, such as parks, forests or beaches helps reduce stressImproves mood and increases concentration.
  • allows us to disconnect from technology And daily distractions give us a chance to reconnect with ourselves.
You can choose to go outside for an hour or just a few minutes every day. (Source: Freepik).

The expert suggested that “Listen to the birds singing, the sounds of natureHaving a source of water and even having elements around it that are made of stone or wood, there are also many benefits,

Therefore nature also provides this possibility enjoy outdoor activitiesSuch as walking, biking or simply sitting and contemplating the landscape.

These physical activities help in staying active and fit, strengthening the immune system and preventing diseases related to sedentary lifestyle,


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